China years: How many are you living?

My eldest brother recently sent me this article, “China years: How many are you living”. It gives you a sense of how quickly China is changing, compared to other parts of the world. Take for example, a year in China is equivalent to 3.1 years in the UK. “Tempted? Give up your sleepy French coastal town” is what the author says at the end of the article…Well, don’t think we are the slightest bit tempted:W: I think most people would be able to deal with tangible changes. It’s the cultural and social issues that normally cause problems. But if it was me, I wouldn’t give up my sleepy French coastal town chateau for a high rise flat in Shanghai, that’s for sure! It will always be French Chateau, anytime! Or even a French cottage, that’ll still beat a mansion in Shanghai.Me: What’s so special about experiencing this kind of change?! Everything is changing all the time anyway. If it’s just for the sake of experience then maybe. I’ve seen Kuala Lumpur changed quite quickly too. Was I blown away by what happened? Not really. So will I pack up and move to China, just because China is changing at phenomenal pace? Not in a million years. Changes at this rate if not properly managed will only bring hardship to a lot of people living there. And the effect can be long lasting. Let’s hope that this is not the case.

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