£2 a minute call using 3 network

How 3, a UK mobile operator, can justify charging its customers £2 a minute when they are overseas is beyond me. Even many years ago, it used to only cost us the price of a local call when we make a call using our mobile phones while in Malaysia. After many years of lobbying and pressures from the regulator to reduce mobile phone operators’ roaming charges, overseas call charges etc, I would have thought that call charges when overseas have reduced by a great deal. What a ripped off! To be honest everyone knows that their network coverage in the UK has been dismal, most likely the worst among the five mobile network operators. The reason one of our phones is contracted to them is because the price plan we are offered is comparatively cheaper than the cheapest offered by other operators. And we do know very well “you get what you pay for”. But what we don’t know is they are also in the business of ripping off customers! Making a phone call in Malaysia using O2 instead costed us half of what is charged by 3. Unbelievable. So my advice for you is remember to read all the small prints and their price guides before trying to use your mobile phones overseas.

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