Lucy: Teen transsexual

This has got to be one of the most disturbing programme I’ve ever watched. Narrow-minded or what, it is still incredibly difficult for me to watch male undergoing surgical operation to get breast implants, have their penis removed and, most of all, get a vagina! This is all too much, way way too much for me, possibly because I’m always very scared of surgical operation. I have to say that I’m incredibly proud of his mum, for being so composed, supportive and loving.I can imagine that it must be daunting to go through such an operation. The fact that it didn’t put him off shows how badly he wants to become a girl. I’ve been told by people of various religions that these gay people are viewed as having some kind of sickness, and the right thing for them to do is to receive therapy. But I always have doubts in my mind about treating them as sicked. The way I see is we should accept ourselves for what we are born with, whether we are ugly looking, disabled or poor. We can be happy regardless of these kind of conditions. However for people who are born to identify themselves as the opposite gender, happiness just seems that bit less straightforward to attain. You see, they are comfortable being the opposite gender, and so are happy being the opposite gender. Yet religions have us believe that it is wrong for them to act that way. And people generally feels weird to see people of the same sex getting too friendly.Now that there are options for people to “correct” their physicals, is it then the right thing to do, should they feel uncomfortable with their existing package? Whatever their decision, I’m just glad that I don’t have the same baggage as they have. And I sincerely hope that Lucy is now finally happy, and people can accept who “she” really is, despite what some people think of her as not a “real” woman.

Apprentice UK 2007

My colleague told me half a year ago that an ex-colleague of ours, Sophie, was auditioning to appear on the Apprentice. I wasn’t too surprised, to be honest, considering the character and personality of my ex-colleague. In fact, in my opinion, she does not look out of place in this type of reality show. However I was surprised 2 months ago when my colleague told me that she actually made it to the last 16, after initially telling me that she didn’t make it to the “last 12”. What a turn of events. Well, this means that I finally have the chance to watch somebody I know, and whom I’ve worked with, on a reality show! Hurray!Personally, I don’t fancy her winning. She may be clever, competent and ambitious, but I don’t think she is that wise a person. Anyway, let’s see if she has what it takes to win the show, which is very different from succeeding in a work place, and hope that she is wiser than I thought she was.

Windows is a pain on the backside

The Windows XP on my friend’s laptop failed to boot up. Asked me for help to fix it for her. What can I say about the female gender when it comes to technologies. Didn’t bring her licensed Windows re-installation CD with her when she came over here to study. Didn’t know the importance of backing up her stuff, especially her course work. Luckily at least the guy who set up the laptop for her partition her hard disk into three drives. So her important stuff are located on drives separated from the the Windows partition.Initially I thought it was just software issues, at most a day’s work, so took it on without question, and that the deadline of her course work is looming, end of March. I was aware that I haven’t got all the right tools to deal with the problem, but gave it a try anyway. Turned out that her hard disk was failing. And fortunately I was in time to pull out her course work, as well as her personal stuff. On why the bad sectors on her hard disk could spread across partition I have no clue. As it seemed to me that other partitions on her hard disk were not used that much. Anyway, her laptop has been in service for three years already. So perhaps it’s not too surprising afterall.With such serious hardware problem, you either have to replace the hardware or you replace the whole laptop. The latter is a quicker option, but expensive. The first option requires buying the right laptop hard disk, and then installing and configuring the software. That takes time, and will most probably require me to assist again. While she sorts out what to do, the immediate solution for her is to settle on using her current laptop/hard disk, as her hard disk may still be able to last a little while longer. Unfortunately, both for her and for me, Windows is the only operating system she’s familiar with. But I already had a working version of Fedora linux installed on her laptop! And the most annoying thing was Windows refused to install when other operating system had taken over the Master Boot Record! So more work for me, yet she eventually still has to settle on using Linux, as Windows just cannot survive on a failing hard disk. Well done Windows!


I just read an article on Marie Claire by chance today about ‘salties’. Funny term it seems, but not related to the seasoning that you sprinkle on your food. Apparently Britain’s divorce rates is one of the highest in Europe, four in every ten marriages end up in a divorce. Salty is apparently the new term for single woman who just ended a long term relationship.Sometimes I wonder what happened to this society that people don’t seem to know how to love anymore. I am still in a very young marriage life myself and reading about all these statistics doesn’t project a positive image. May be people are becoming more complicated in their thinking, may be they simply don’t know what they want. But beyond doubt, temptations are a lot more rampant and choices are a lot more widespread. And that could be one of the many reasons for the high rate of separation, or it may be completely irrelevant.In today’s society, everybody advocates the importance of having choices in life. When you buy something on the high street, you don’t have to stick to it, you have a choice even after you pay for the item, whether to keep it or to return it. Being married means you have to be equally responsible to yourself and your partner. It’s not like shopping, when you can purchase first and decide later. Perhaps it is difficult to commit to a decision for a lifetime, when in everyday life, we are so used to having choices and backing out of our decisions. We know that if all things fail, we’ll just sign some papers and you’ll be back to your singlehood. But is it really that simple? It may mean that you don’t even want to walk down the aisle of the church again because you know somewhere at the back of your mind that it may be another failure. After all, it happened before.However, given that we should hopefully marry once in our lifetime, how do we know we have made the right decision? Should we have a bit more ‘practice’? It’s ironic that the most important decision can only be made once without proper lessons and training, when training and guidance are everywhere helping people make decisions in everyday chores.Just a thought and I hope that all married couples stay happily married forever.

Online + high street

Ordered a rug 2 days ago at Next, a high street fashion clothing chain that recently also starts selling home furnishings. Paid �3.75 for delivery charge, because we don’t really want to be carrying that heavy thing home. Anyway, they don’t have stocks in their shop. The home furnishings stuff are there only for display. Their stocks are kept in the warehouse, which makes good sense, as these stuff take too much real estate to be stored in the shop.The concept is good. Next are leveraging their shops in the prime location of the high street, to augment their online retailing arm. This gives online shoppers a chance to touch and feel the products should they have doubts after browsing through their online catalogue. And by shopping with them, online, you know that you have the option of returning unsatisfactory goods by visiting their high street shop, rather than having to go through the tedious process of sending the items back by post, as offered by most online retailers.After having a look at their website, actually they are offering a lot more products than I initially thought! So it is very likely that they want to become a major online shopping portal too, taking on the likes of Argos, Tesco and Amazon (UK). Interesting. But Next is definitely behind the game when it comes to goods tracking and delivery. I was told by the sales girl that day at Next that the rug will be delivered to me in a week’s time (mind you that she was unable to tell me the exact date and time of delivery). But the rug was already on my doorstep when I got home today. I was pleasantly surprised, to be honest, to have received today. But I wasn’t happy the fact that they just dump my package outside my house. Argos had never done this to me before. They allow me to specify the date of delivery (am/pm), and I make sure I’m at home. When things didn’t work out, due to my fault, there’s a system for me to rearrange the delivery relatively easily.Anyway, it’s still early stage for Next. We’ll see if they can really be a worthy player in this competitve market.

Murder inquiry

It was a strange evening. Someone paid me an uninvited visit in such a coincidental timing that I initially thought it was someone I least wanted to see. But quite on the contrary, it was a very good looking lady standing on my door step. She flashed her badge infront of me so fast, like in a movie, that I couldn’t be sure what her capacity really is. She briefly mentioned that someone was murdered around my neighbourhood, asked me a few questions, and then she started taking down my details. On the one hand, I was questioning in my mind her authencity as a police, and I wasn’t very comfortable dishing out my details to a stranger. But on the other, I recalled something did happened a while ago. And she appeared to be very sharp, always seemed to be checking out stuff around during the entire time, outside my flat, filling up the questionaire.Anyway, I couldn’t resist but to ask her about the murder in more details when she was about to leave, just to make sure that she was not some con woman. Turns out that it is the murder on Kendrick Road that she is investigating. In fact, she could very well beDetective Inspector Rebecca Mears mentioned in the news!