Malaysia cafe

Finally there’s a place in Reading that serves Malaysian food 🙂 And it’s truly authentic! I’m so pleased that my English friend took the time to inform us about this new cafe (see map), knowing that we’ll definitely be interested in our fellow Malaysian’s food 🙂 Feeling a bit hungry after a session of tennis yesterday, we paid the cafe a visit to see what have they got. To our pleasant surprise, the cafe is indeed run by Malays. Although Taste of Malaysia Cafe is more like a take-away shop, you can choose to eat-in if you want to. The menu is very vegetarian friendly, and should give the residents around some very interesting alternatives to the usual kebab, fish & chips, chinese and indian take-away. We ordered nasi lemak, and man, I’m still feeling the heat in my stomach today! If you haven’t tasted authentic Malaysian food before, then this is the place. Cheap and cheerful.

Filing annual return

Annual return actually needs to be filed no later than 28 days from date of incorporation, rather than 28 days from a company’s financial end which we thought it would be. In fact to be precise, according to the Companies House website, annual return needs to be “delivered to Companies House within 28 days after the anniversary of incorporation or the anniversary of the made-up date of the last annual return”, where the made-up date is:”the date at which all the information in an annual return must be correct. The made-up date is usually the anniversary of:* the incorporation of the company; or* the made-up date of the previous annual return registered at Companies House.”To be honest, it’s not obvious when the previous annual return is registered at the Companies House. It’s probably best to just stick to the anniversary date of incorporation to avoid confusion. Anyway we probably shouldn’t be too worried as Companies House do send an annual return reminder every year. But of course that’s provided that the letter didn’t somehow get lost. Hmmm….back to remembering the data of incorporation.

McDonald’s to run UK delivery fleet on its own used cooking oil

This makes very good sense, if it’s practical to recycle the used cooking oil. It’s greener to use bio-diesel than petroleum-based diesel a fuel source, as burning bio-diesel apparently produces less net carbon dioxide. It’s definitely an option as an alternative fuel source. However once the production of bio-diesel involves clearing more land, particularly the rainforests which serve as major carbon dioxide sink, then it’s probably not that green anymore. The best way is still to cut down energy consumption and recycle whenever possible.

13 going on 30

I was flicking TV channels out of boredom today and happened to see 13 going on 30 on tv. As a natural course of events, I just watched the movie. It wasn’t hugely interesting but it got me wonder what I was doing when I was 13 now that I will be turning 30 in a few years’ time.I only remember being a normal high school first year student and nothing exciting happened to me throughout. Having said that, many years have passed and still nothing exciting happened to me. I think that movies tend to glamourise many ordinary events in life. In real life, only those born with a silver spoon will be able to live the luxurious lifestyle portrayed in the movies. It keeps the rest of us, ordinary people, wonder and hope. But the truth is, it just won’t happen, harsh but true. So, it was all for the purpose of entertainment. When the curtain draws, we are back in reality, having to face realistic issues like money, work, relationships…etc.

Transfer to a web hosting service

Couldn’t help but to buy myself a two year web hosting service with hostmonster for less than $120. It gives me all I’m looking for, ssh access, mysql database, hosting unlimited domains etc, and I’m also given a free domain name during this period! Have to say goodbye to using my old home PC to host this blog, as switching on this machine 24/7 mainly just to do that is not very environmentally friendly 🙂 And if I continue to do this it won’t be long before I’ll kill my PC. In fact recently the PC switched off itself and had problem booting back up again . I initially thought it was about time to dispose of the PC. But turns out that the power supply unit (PSU) was just clogged with dust, no ventilation, overheated and then switched off itself. I gave the PSU a good vacuum and it’s now back up running again. Anyway, I still need the PC to work as a wireless router as well as a file storage system, so don’t really want to f**k that up. The process to transfer this blog to the hosting server was easier than I thought. I only need to copy the whole web directory to the hosting server, set up a new mysql database (user name, password and database name), modify the corresponding mysql parameters in wp-config.php, change the domain name server and that’s it. Easy peasy.

Reading Town Regatta

The Reading Town Regatta happened on the 30th June. I’m just putting it here for my own record 🙂 According to my colleague this is a prelude to the Henley Royal Regatta which I have been talking about going to watch for the past 2 or 3 years. Unfortunately W did not show the slightest interest after I brought her to watch the Reading Town Regatta at the Thames Valley Park. Hence we ended up watching the Wimbledon finals at home instead over last weekend.

Reading Town Regatta
There were actually Americans from some universities who came all the way here to race. Unbelievable. Apparently this stretch of the Thames River in Reading is the second straightest, behind the one in Henley.