New bird visiting our garden

Mouse on the bird feeder

Recently our backyard is frequented by this new bird called Dunnock. Dunnock is supposed to be a very shy bird, but strangely this one moves around our backyard in our presence as if we weren’t around. It’s definitely not as fearful as the Robin that lives around, which will easily fly away as soon as it is certain that we are watching it. It’s such a joy to be able to observe the bird closely. But the price we pay is that the lawn we are trying to grow may end up very patchy as it’s been eating a lot of the grass seeds we planted!


Just bought three Guppies from a local pet store. Two female (red) and one male (blue). The legion of platies my colleague gave me have all passed away. The very first fish we introduced into the tank, the six Zebra Danios, have sadly all passed away as well, after a year and a half. Looking back now, actually quite a lot had happened during the two years we have been keeping pet fish, without us really noticing. I think it is good to spend some time to memory jog a little bit every now and again to remind ourselves what we had done and what happened. Feels good. Anywa, my favourite fish in the tank are the Albino catfish (am very glad that I keep this blog, as I just realised that it was almost exactly a year ago I bought the first two catfish!:)) Hope the Guppies settle well in the tank and start giving birth to little Guppies!

Redundancy (not me!)

A part of the company I’m working for is going to be vacated from our building soon. Around half of the employees will be made redundant. That was quite some news, for me, as I haven’t yet come across such situation before in my life. The build-up to the announcement, made by our business director, was an interesting one. The invitation sent out, via email, by the secretary didn’t mention anything about what the briefing is all about. Some colleagues were very suspicious, and perhaps have even prepared for some bad news. Not sure it is a relief when we heard that the news doesn’t affect our division. The news must be shocking to those who are involved, who were briefed in another meeting room. Imagine that you have a half chance of being made redundant. Such news definitely won’t go down well.** Latest news, England lost to Russia 2-1! Maybe Steve McClaren should receive one of these big letters as well. **My tennis coach works in that part of the company. Today is my last lesson with him. Let’s hope that he’s not one of the unlucky lot.

Bird, mouse and me

The bird feeder I hang in my backyard is supposed to be for the birds. I’ve complaint before in my previous post about mice somehow mysteriously taken the fat ball I hanged outside. But these days the mice not only start taking food from my bird feeder, they are even bold enough to do it in the day time!

Mouse on the bird feederMouse on the bird feederMouse on the bird feeder

Unbelievable. I tried putting oil onto the pole and moving it away from the little bamboo fence hoping that they won’t be able to climb up the pole so merrily. But I was too naive. Tried setting up a fence using some sharp bamboo skewers hoping to keep them away from my bird feeder (in fact I was hoping to see the scenario where they will fall off from the bird feeder and will have their butts poked, just to teach them a lesson). Didn’t work as well. Gave up putting the bird feeder there. Put up a cage instead to protect my fat balls. But they still somehow manage to attack my fat balls. I put up two fat balls and they only lasted just more than a week. Bought a window bird feeder last week, thinking that they probably won’t come so close to my flat, and won’t be able climb up the feeder. Wrong again! They still somehow manage to take the whole fat ball away, again! I’ve moved the window bird feeder further up. So far it hasn’t yet been attacked by the mice. Let’s hope it stays that way. I definitely don’t plan to trap or poison them. Afterall they are still very cute little animals. But it’s not my intention to attract them here! I want birds!! How annoying!Bamboo skewer fenceCage for the fat ballWindow bird feeder

England into semi-final

Incredible. England upset the Aussies in the Rugby World Cup, again! Bought an England rugby shirt yesterday. So glad that they didn’t disappoint. Still don’t fully understand all the rules yet, although we did try to learn a few things from the BBC website. Have to say that the game is a lot more complicated than football. What is “knock-on”?! Anyway, come on England!