Life is rather busy lately. Not overwhelming, yet, but it happened to me a few times that I need to consciously stop myself from playing a movie that I have been thinking of watching for quite some time. 2 hours is not a long time, but often I find that I’d rather read a few more news articles on-line, update my blog, or watch a “short” while of TV programmes. There just seems to be a lot less time to spare these days, compared to when I was younger. But I have to admit that this is considerably better than if I were to be in Malaysia. Time is going to be even more scarce for me there, as I will have to allocate time to spend with my family. Social affairs among friends, colleagues and acquaintances are going to happen more frequently in Malaysia too. I’m sure a lot of people enjoy being with friends and family, but I find that this is quite suffocating some times. Getting together with people every now and then is fine. But going out almost every other day is just too much for me. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a bit anti-social. But I certainly like to keep some time for myself, to relax, to reflect etc. I’m glad that I’m a guy, as at least I’m not expected to maintain a close relationship with male friends. I find that girls are definitely more demanding than guys when it comes to friendship. Anyway I can just see that life is going to be even tougher when there are kids around, ‘doh!

Little thoughts

Nothing gives me more pleasures than planning my holiday. As my workload has eased off this week, I can spend my leisure hours planning my summer trip to Scotland. It is all very exciting as I have long wanted to do some walks at the highlands.I can’t wait for the summer to come. There are so many places that I want to visit in the UK. I will probably get to take my first steam train in the UK. I am over the moon about it as I always like to experience how it was like living back in time. It always seems more romantic in those days when people lived a more idyllic lifestyle and there were less stress and buzz. The pace was slower and people lived a simpler life too. I think the world was a better place in those days although I know that there will be some who disagree. But at least we did not have climate change, terrorists, oil shortage etc. True that healthcare was not as advanced and poverty was more rampant, but I think these are lesser of the evils.

Robin’s breeding hotspot

It’s the third time in two years Robin has been nesting in our area. The first time was in my backyard. The following two times were in my neighbour’s. The reason we managed to tame the Robin quite easily last time was because he needed a lot of food to feed his young, as I later found out. This year we even manage to hand feed the Robin using dried meal worms.This morning it’s the first time we saw one of the young Robin. Looks literally like a ball, even bigger in size than his parents! Maybe because the parents have been working out a lot fetching food for them lately. They seem to keep flying in and out of my backyard all the time throughout the day. In my view their work rate is just as amazing as the bees. Even such small creatures can demonstrate loving kindness. Isn’t it fascinating?Looks like all of them will be leaving the nest anytime soon, as I think the young Robins are learning how to fly now. Hope they will have their next brood here as well, as they can have multiple broods in one year.

Customer facing work

It’s nice to be able to do some customer-facing work. Especially when something you sell has direct impact to the customer. I’ve been working on technical stuff all my working life. The things my company sell are mainly technologies, software etc. Not only that most of the time we don’t sell to end-users, we are merely selling them for the company we work for. I get such different feelings when I’m selling something for my own business. I almost feel like I’m always putting in 110%! What’s more, holiday is always an enjoyable thing to do, particularly honeymoon. So I get to deal with people in good mood from the start, thinking of going on holiday, and I get to feel doubly appreciated when the holiday turns out to be a great one.To be honest, I haven’t really thought much about this when we ventured into this travel business. And I haven’t realised that Malaysia is such a wonderful country, as most of the time we only think about visiting outside Malaysia, somewhere glamourous, European cities for example. And that I will fall in love with nature, and start to appreciate what’s around even more. Thanks to my brother and cousin-in-law, who introduce me to this business, it transpires that this business is more interesting than I initially imagined!