New HP laptop with blu-ray drive

Got myself a new laptop few days ago. HP Pavillion DV6920 with blu-ray drive. Am so far very pleased with it, apart from Windows Vista which is still a let down despite having little expectation after reading rave of poor reviews about the OS. I’m still in the process of getting used to the keyboard, particularly the right-shift-key.Just tried the blu-ray drive, playing a blu-ray DVD, “Spiderwick Chronicles”, displayed on my HDTV, via HDMI connection. Such refined resolution, and no more blockiness even when watching from close distance. Gosh, I am so going to rent only Blu-ray DVDs from LOVEFiLM from now on 🙂

The infamous Internal Security Act (ISA) in action, once again

Initially it was Raja Petra, a blogger, who got detained by the draconian ISA this evening. Now a journalist and a politician are also detained. What kind of madness is this! Is the current administration trying to intimidate the opposition coalition, and to scare MPs from the ruling coalition from trying to cross-over to the opposition coalition! What a dire attempt to try and stay in power. What is even more ridiculous is in fact they have sent 49 MPs to Taiwan, on a study tour, in an attempt to stop the opposition from potentially seizing control of the government through the cross-over, as repeatedly taunted by the opposition leader Anwar for some months now to happen on the 16th September. Looking at all the sagas that are unfolding in Malaysia, I cannot help but to hope that the opposition coalition can really take control of the country from the 16th September onwards. There is no guarantee that the opposition will do better, but I really cannot see how they can do much worse than the current administration! Come on you people who are on the study tours in Taiwan!

Trip to Scotland

Highlands Calves

Uploaded some photos of our trip up to Scotland last week. Drove all the way from Reading to Isle of Skye, covered 1,800 miles in total during our 10-day trip. Beautiful highlands, yet Scotland in our opinion is so under-rated. The scenery around Glen Coe was particularly captivating. And we get to see some very cute highland calves and seals :)A colleague warned us about midgets in Scotland. But luckily there weren’t many when we were there, at least not in swamps. Having said that we were still bitten by various unknown bugs, particularly on the last day when our car was stucked in mud for close to two hours! It is a long story. But in short, thanks to TomTom we were led to a single track road that cut across farms in Derbyshire when we were trying to get to Lyme Park, where Pemberley was filmed in BBC’s version of “Pride and Prejudice”. Road got too bumpy, I think it’s only suitable for tractors or 4X4s, so I decided to turn the car around. But the ground on the side of the road was so wet and soft that once I turned in, I couldn’t get the front wheels out again. At least not after close to two hours of struggle. What a nightmare. And during our whole time there we did not see one person around! Fortunately this didn’t happen at night, and we somehow still managed to get the car out of the shit. Invaluable lesson learnt, don’t rely on TomTom entirely!