Use the NEW TYRES for the rear

Sounds logical if you were to ask me. So don’t really know why people seem to always have experiences about having been advised by local tyre shop to use new tyres for their front wheels…This is an email received from my brother:IMPORTANT!Wow! This is against everything my tyre shop has been telling me all this while. Have to remember this useful safety tip now.Watch this important safety video from Michelin. The video below will show u why u must always put the new tyes on the rear wheels. On wet roads, the new tyres at the rear of the car will prevent its tail from spinning because of better grip in the rear and hence ensure higher driving safety. Heed this advice seriously.Where to put the new tires? Watch this video from Michelin. It advises to put the new tires always on the rear wheels.

HSBC Business Direct

Damn HSBC. They just wouldn’t tell you when they have introduced better products! These banks are so good at profiting from people who are not financial savvy. I think HSBC realise that their Business Current Account is not attractive to new start-ups anymore so they started introducing this Business Direct Account which is without monthly maintenance fee to start competing with other banks. But they don’t make an effort to tell existing customers that they have this new type of business account which might benefit them. Talk about giving free professional advices, this and that, just cheap marketing gimmicks. Don’t be fooled into thinking that they will really act in existing customers’ best interests. Once again, very disappointed with HSBC.

Groceries packaging

The other day we bought some ready-meals and some groceries. In just one day our bin was filled with an entire plastic bag of rubbish, almost all from packaging, it’s unreal. Most of the time we cook from fresh produce, so it really hit home to see so much waste coming from our everyday consumption of food. My friend is right to point out that nowadays people are so involved in working like a slave to earn a “good” living that they haven’t realised that a lot of what they earn are use to pay for things and services we don’t really need. Let’s face it, apart of the basic human needs of food and shelter, the rest are one of those things that are just good to have, not really necessary. In order to appear attractive, clean and convenient, some companies have a separate department that focus on how to package and market their products. Everything is so value driven that it now gets to a point where it is ridiculous, because the world is becoming so efficient by the year that a lot of the so called “values” are created to merely keep people employed. People thus have to work harder and harder to pay for others to do simple things that they could have done themselves in the old days and luxury items that we hardly ever need! The world has certainly seen a lot of progress, technology wise, standard of living, with better healthcare etc. But our way of life, particularly the Western way of life, is in need of serious comtemplation.

Malaysian food in Reading

Roti canai making

We have Malaysian food back in Reading once again, yay! There used to be a Malaysia Cafe located at the exact same place, but has closed shop some months ago. I guess the demand for Malaysian food is not great in Reading, taking into account its less than prime location too. In terms of orders from events/functions or lunch time catering, I have a feeling that the Brits would probably rather stick to sandwiches. So tough business if I’m being honest. But I sincerely hope this ex hotel chef, who is from my home state Perak in Malaysia, can thrive in the business, as that means that we can continue to enjoy his beautiful Malaysian food. Have a look at the photo, that is fresh roti canai, the real deal 😉

Running out of folders

Business seems to be coming in thick and fast, well by our standard anyway, that we are running out of folders to send to our clients! My brother has made a shipment from Malaysia just over 3 months ago, and incredibly it is still yet to arrive! That’s the problem with Malaysian postal service, you never know what you’re gonna get! They ares supposed to have a parcel tracking service, but I can only trace the parcel up till KLIA shipping office or something. And there is no more update since. Our clients who have just travelled to Malaysia for honeymoon told me that she has sent me a postcard about 2 weeks ago from KL. But again it is yet to arrive. Luckily we have emails, and here’s a snippet of her generous comments:”Absolutely FANTASTIC. Your partners in Malaysia looked after us like royalty – it was the most relaxing but exhilarating holiday we have ever experienced. I cannot praise you enough for your itinerary, organisation and attention to detail. I will give you some detailed feedback in the next few days but just to let you know immediately that I will recommend you to everyone that wants to go to Malaysia. Everyone is just so polite and wanted us to have a great time in their country – we were overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness. It certainly is not a honeymoon we will ever forget.”Always good to hear that clients had a fantastic time in Malaysia. Hope more and more people will travel to Malaysia and Borneo.

Weekend trip to Zurich

On the way up Mt Titlis

Went to Zurich for a weekend two weeks ago. Mainly because W won a pair of flight tickets to Zurich through her company’s lucky draw. Very lucky. Would have loved to stay longer, but I have run out of annual leaves. Such a beautiful country. I have been to Switzerland in summer. Love it. Been to Switzerland in winter, also love it, although not particularly a good time for sight-seeing or taking photos. This time it was autumn, love it too. Still plenty of sunshine, and the view from the top of Mt Titlis was just amazing! It must be a lovely place to live in. Full of outdoor activities all seasons, good transportation system and centrally located in Europe. The Swiss are so blessed!