The winter is here yet again

It is that time of the year again. Cold, wet and scarcely any sunshine. This year, there wasn’t much of a summer season in the UK. It may be marginally better than last summer, but still, there was hardly any sunshine throughout the summer months. Before you know it, the winter is here again. At this time of the year, I always think about home. I always wish that I am in the tropics with plenty of heat.I read an article on the Times about a month ago about why women always feel colder than men. Of course there are many reasons why one’s sensitivity to coldness or heat is different from the other. However, apparently women have a more efficient system of conserving heat in the cold weather. Because the body needs to maintain its temperature at 37C in order for our organs to operate, when the external temperature is cold, our body tends to restrict blood flow to the rest of the body, in order to conserve heat and women’s body are better at this than men. Hence our hands and feet, which are particularly sensitive to temperature change because of many sensors around our toes and fingers, feel cold all the time.I went jogging to keep my body warm and it in fact helped a little bit for that hour after I had exercised. But things were back to normal pretty soon after. The weather hasn’t helped either, when it’s grey and gloomy, the only thing you want to do is to slip yourself under the duvet and sleep through it. I suppose drinking a glass of wine might help.

The art of catching mouse

My colleague just found out that a mouse has sneaked into his house this week! Haha. Initially he found newspaper in his storage room bitten into pieces. Then next day the rice sack has a hole in it. Looks like the population of mice in Britain is really on the rise. I myself have already caught two mice in my flat! And we are so careful with our kitchen door nowadays that we put a cardboard barrier between our kitchen and the door, in case we have to leave the door open, by just a wee bit, to air the kitchen when we cook. Gives me great amount of inconvenience, as everytime I go into my backyard I have to lift my leg above almost waist height to get over the barrier. I nearly get a muscle cramp once, no joke.

Live mouse trap

This is the live mouse trap I’ve used to catch the two wood mice. The first one was fairly easy to trap. It was trapped as soon as I put in bird seeds together with some toasted cashew nuts. The second wood mouse was very clever. We put toasted cashew nuts and pine nuts near the entrance of the trap and breadcrumb all the way into the trap. But somehow it managed to eat all the nuts without triggering the trap mechanism! We ended having to “extend” the seasaw-like trap mechanism using masking tape, and sticked toasted nuts on it, to fool the mouse into getting trapped. And you know what, this mouse did not go down without a fight. It actually tried to bite its way out of my plastic mouse trap. What a vicious little mouse!My mouse trap is now with my colleague. I hope it is still capable of trapping a mouse. He has tried using M&Ms (apparently mouse like chocolates, but M&Ms…hmmm) and bird seeds as bait. But so far the mouse is having none of it, and in the process has once again eaten all the breadcrumb trails! 🙂 Ultimately I think he will prevail in this cat and mouse game, but provided that he can up his game everytime he fails…hohoho good luck to him.