Bloody Virgin Media

They think the services they are offering are the best, and that their existing customers can never live without them. I have just placed my order with Sky *two fingers up their arse*.I called them to complain about the latest increase in my current price plan, which includes Telephone size M, Braodband size M and TV size XL. But they were not bothered in the slightest way that I was unhappy about the price increase. So I suggested that I want to downgrade the services I’m receiving from them, as I want to keep the cost down. But they just wouldn’t listen. Instead kept telling me that the price I’m paying is the best deal they can offer. And that downgrading my services can only make it more expensive or that is not value for money. Ridiculous isn’t it, that a customer can get stucked in such position? Told them that I saw better deals advertised on their website, but unfortunately they are only interested in offering them to new customers. Good, penalise existing customers to bring in new ones. We should have left them half a year ago for taking 3 months to connect our phone line back due to some problem I don’t exactly know what. Big mistake.So glad that Sky is footing the bill to connect a fresh BT line to our flat, as it normally costs just over £120! With Sky it works out that we will be paying £10 a month less from next month onwards, how about that!I have some respect for Virgin’s owner Richard Branson. But if his people continue to think that their services are the best in the market and then act as though they have the biggest cork in the world then good luck to him and his Virgin Media business. I’m having none of their antics.

Home alone

W has just taken off to Paris to meet up with her friends who are coming to Europe with AirAsia from Malaysia. Not the inaugural flight, but now that I think about it, still among the earliest! We’ll be flying with AirAsia too in a few months time, hope they can maintain their standard!Anyway that means I’ll be home alone for a few days, woohoo! 🙂 Well nothing to be too excited about really, as I’ve been tasked to continue cleaning and tidying up our flat, as her friends will be staying over in our humble abode after they have “gatecrashed” Paris and Brussel. But before that I’ll be making my way to the pub, again (after playing Werewolf yesterday with my colleagues for Comic Relief), to watch this season make-or-break match for Liverpool. Damn I’m anxious. Will see what I’ll do after that match, as my mood will very much depend on the outcome of that game. It’s so unnecessary I know, but there’s so much at stake! Come on Liverpool!

Robins have paired up!

For the past few days we have been wondering where the Robin has gone. We wondered if it is a female and has paired up with a counterpart elsewhere, leaving us behind. This morning I saw a different Robin feeding from our window bird feeder. So that was a relief, as we thought we at least have another Robin living around our backyard. Then W saw two Robins feeding on the bird seeds I’ve scattered on the ground yesterday! That is so cute, as very seldom do we see two Robins at the same place at the same time. W urged me to go feed them mealworms. I was a little hesitant initially as I think I’ll most likely scare one of them away. Indeed before I stepped out from the kitchen door both have flown away.Looks like they will be mating and will be giving birth to their first brood of Robins very soon! Excellent!