A hectic holiday to Malaysia

Have been back to Malaysia for three days now. Strangely this time I’m not feeling quite as hot as what I used to want to believe. Although it is still very hot, about 34 degree Celcius! I think I’m trying to condition myself to learn how to adapt back to the hot and humid weather, knowing that at some point in the future I will eventually move back to Malaysia. And surprisingly I’ve not been suffering from jet-lagged as well! Considering that the time difference between Malaysia and the UK is 7 hours!It’s always good to be surrounded by family members (haven’t really met up with my local friends yet even after 3 days! :)). And new family members too, as my brothers and sister all have children/babies now. But I must admit that I’m not very good in coping with all these family affairs. I still feel that it is very time consuming. And our family is not that big either, with no relatives living in our home town! Thank god.Since we are only going to be in Malaysia for 2 weeks, we make sure that most of our time is spent with our family. It’s always good to catch up with friends too. But unfortunately we have to prioritise. And we have a wedding to attend in Singapore as well! Goodness. What a hectic trip. Hardly feel like we are coming back for holiday!Tomorrow we are going to Langkawi, via Penang. Only for two nights. When people talk about Langkawi, surely it’s about seaside, relaxation, holiday etc. But we are going there for business as well. So it’s probably not quite as enjoyable as one would like to think. Nevertheless I think it should still be quite interesting, considering that we are such young looking couple, meeting up with hoteliers and tour operators who must be thinking what on earth are these two kids doing here! :)That’s the downside of trying to get a lot of things done within a short amount time. But I’ll try to enjoy it the best I can. Afterall there’s no reason why we should not get the most out of any circumstances.

Aegon Championships at the Queen’s Club

Took a day off to the Queen’s Club in London to watch the Aegon Championships today. It used to be called Stella Artois Championships. Anyway it was the first time I went to the Queen’s Club in West Kensington. The venue is much smaller than Wimbledon. But I think there are more ground courts sitting areas for people to comfortably sit down and watch tennis. Particularly when there is good weather like we had today. It was a wonderful day out.To be honest, I may be more a football fan than tennis, but I think I enjoy watching tennis like this better than watching football game in a stadium. To be able to get so close to the players, and feel all the actions going on in the court. Very enjoyable. I mean it will be difficult to beat the atmosphere in a stadium if the fans did turn up, and start singing and cheering. But it is so much more relaxing watching tournament tennis, where you can watch tennis the whole day, in the accompany of very civil audience. The atmosphere is certainly very different. And you don’t always have to spend all the time watching tennis. You can have a break and have drinks with your family or friends outdoor or in the dining area.We’ll miss Wimbledon this year. So maybe we’ll find more people there next year. Meanwhile, it’s back to work again tomorrow.

Growing sunflowers

It’s been quite a hectic month. Travelled with my family, in a group of 7, to Scandinavia and Poland. Travelling up and down London for work, and meeting up with friends as well…So am really looking forward to this weekend, to indulge myself a bit of “relaxation” 🙂 It’s spring time and I’ve just planted some sunflower seeds my colleague gave me last year to four small pots this evening. I’m determined to grow some strong, healthy sunflowers this year as last year all the sunflowers I planted all died, except one. And that sunflower wasn’t flowering that well either. Just the one flower to show for. Very disappointing.

I’m all excited this year as well as I’m finally using compost from our compost bin, for the first time, to grow stuff. Not using a lot though as a lot of the stuff I put into our compost bin have not fully composted yet. A mistake on my part for not having read up on how to start a compost bin. I was too naive to think that I can just throw in organic stuff and they will decompose quickly. I mean they will still decompose, but not at the rate I was hoping for (like a wormery). I hope I have not killed some of the native earthworms, which I put in whenever I found them in my garden :p Well because the organic stuff, mostly left over vegetables and fruits, I put into the compost bin may be a bit too acidic for the earthworms.Anyway, my sunflower seeds should be germinating as we speak now. Need to make some rooms in my little backyard to accommodate the sunflowers soon 🙂