Public Bank is rubbish, Maybank not much better either

Went to Public Bank to pay company GST for the first time. Was told that I can’t pay over the counter at Public Bank. Can only pay on-line. BUT with their business account, I can only view transactions and all on-line. I can’t do nothing with on-line payment. Pay SOCSO, NO, Pay EPF contributions, NO. Bank transfers, NO. Now GST return, can’t even do it over the counter. Bloody hopeless. If you want to be able to do the above on-line, you need to pay extra. Over RM20 a month to use their on-line service. How bloody thick of them, when they should really be encouraging customers to move on-line. Especially now that they charge RM0.50 to process each cheque, and that hasn’t even included GST! Public Bank is like a dinosaur in the modern world, slow moving, clumsy, outdated, but blood sucking at the same time.

Customer service rep however “kindly” told me that I can pay at Maybank or CIMB nearby. I hope she is ashamed of the bank she’s working for. So I have to drive to Maybank. Maybank, as I have been told before, is the most Internet friendly, even for business customers. I have a Maybank personal account, but which I have not been using for such long time that it has gone inactive, I know their on-line services are pretty good. But at the counter service is so very frustrating. They just take a long time service a customer. Compared to Public Bank they are just so much slower. I really don’t understand how they can be so slow. I waited over half an hour for my turn. During that time only 8 were served, with 6 active counters. And when I wanted to reactivate my account, which I needed to queue separately for customer service, there was only one counter that could deal with my problem. But there just seemed to be so many staff around, and so many counters. I filled up my form already, but there is just only one active customer service counter. Appalling. I gave up. I need to think again whether I want to switch our business account over to Maybank.

McDonald’s at Kinta City Shopping Mall has closed shop

Find it difficult to believe that even McDonald’s packed up in a busy shopping mall.
The customer service in Kinta City Shopping Mall confirmed this. I heard that McDonald’s want to do 24 hours drive through service which they can’t do at the shopping mall that is why they decided not to renew their contract. There is however already one next to MH Hotel. So this can’t be the sole reason they want out. It is likely they want to relocate somewhere else. But from what I can see it’s good business in AEON Kinta City. It’s a loss they chose to relocate in my view. But I obviously I don’t know how much Kinta City was asking for rental which could make it less profitable than a 24 hours drive through business model. I heard that Black Canyon is paying RM33,000 a month so McDonald’s was probably paying that kind of money previously. It would be difficult for Kinta City to find a new tenant to occupy that space for sure considering that it is a premium ground floor lot. With the upcoming AEON in Klebang, I can foresee rental to remain suppressed for years to come in Ipoh, especially when the economy is looking dire at the moment. You see even McDonald’s don’t want to do business in a busy shopping mall anymore!

Updated 15/11/2015:
Kinta City has cleared out the space vacated by McDonald’s. Now Peugeot is doing a car road show there. No more green wall there, which would delight my daughter as she is scared of green wall for some reasons and has lately refused to go to Kinta City because of that!
Apparently McDonald’s closed down because business was indeed not as good as those drive thru outlets. Two to three hundred thousands revenue a month was not good enough. A good drive thru outlet in Ipoh can hit close to 1 million Ringgit a month…