Best creamy yogurt in Malaysia

Thick creamy yogurt
Thick creamy yogurt

We have been used to yogurt in the UK, thick and creamy, and spoilt with choices on the flavours available. But in Malaysia, at the time when we moved back, the choices of yogurt were very limited, and they didn’t taste anywhere as good as those available in the UK. At one point we have even thought about starting our own yogurt business in Malaysia LOL. But obviously it’s easier said than done and we have no experience in the food manufacturing industry. Anyway we have since found this brand of yogurt to be as good if not better than those we enjoyed back in the UK. It’s called Dairy Farmers. Very pleased with the yogurt. Give it a try. We have not looked back since. We used to buy Yoplait, but have since dished it. But mind you it is on the expensive side, about RM21 a tub (600g).

Updated 31/1/2016: Just found out that you can buy one at Jaya Grocer Ipoh Parade for “only” RM18. The cheapest we can find so far in Ipoh.
Updated 22/02/2016: Muller yogurt is the one we were used to in the UK, and it is now available in Jaya Grocer Ipoh Parade too, but at RM7.90 a pop!Muller Corner yogurt Think I will stick to the Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy yogurt, the Muller yogurt tastes watery in comparison!LOL

Jaya Grocer is opening on 30th January

Jaya Grocer

Jaya Grocer is about to open in a couple of days time on the 30th January 2016. Hurrah! Have to go find out what range of items they stock there one day. At the moment all supermarkets are full of people stocking up for Chinese New Year, so definitely won’t be going there on their opening day.

Updated 31/1/2016:
And so we went on the second day, on a Sunday 🙂 It was difficult to find a parking space in Ipoh Parade. Anyway it is a well lit well arranged supermarket, probably typical of Jaya Grocer. But not overly impressed with the range of products on the shelves. Bought ourselves some vegetarian sausages and burgers, and yam which is apparently very cheap at RM6.50 a kilo.

Jaya Grocer
Jaya Grocer

Buying our own house in Ipoh

Just placed a small deposit for a new house. Looks like we are finally getting on the proper ladder in Ipoh. Well, in about two years time actually because the house will only be ready by end of 2017 LOL. Considering how much property value has shot up in the recent 5-10 years, I thought we might never be able to buy anything decent in the short term, i.e. in areas we are interested in yet we can afford.

Shared swimming pool

We are quite pleased with the housing concept that we are buying into. It is like a town house concept, not so different from the house we have lived in in the UK. But these houses are more standalone, as residents don’t need to share the house, e.g. with one resident on the ground floor and another occupying the floors upstairs. And this has additional facilities like a swimming pool, shared amongst residents living in the gated and guarded area. The lot that we are buying shares a communal garden too, with residents between two rows of houses.

Communal garden

It is a good concept, as it can help forge community ties, which is increasingly lacking in modern society. Of course this is based on assumption that other residents are good going people, which I hope they are, as otherwise they wouldn’t be interested in such housing concept in the first place would they?

We are getting a corner lot so we’ll have some land on the side. Not sure what we are going to do with the space yet, but perhaps can grow some herbs and vegetables. We’ll definitely need to keep the grass in check. I do love a nice patch of grass in my garden. But I found that it is bloody difficult to keep the weeds out, especially when we have weeds growing wild in our neighbours’ house! Hopefully it is not the case at the new place.

Looking forward to the new house. Immediate concern now however is to get loan approval from banks to finance our house…’doh!

Entrance into Springfields Residence