A new year

I just came from a three weeks vacation in Malaysia. There is no magic as to why I go to Malaysia, it is my home, or was. I am not sure where I should call home these days but I certainly still have a lot of connections there.It was Chinese New Year earlier this month and we had a great time celebrating with friends and family. However, CNY celebration is not as elaborate as it used to or may be it’s just me getting old and start to see things differently.This year is the year of the rat. For some reasons I have an uneasy feeling about my furtune this year. Call me superstitious but I have a feeling that I will face many obstacles this year and may be difficult decisions will have to be made.I have just been informed at work that I have to move office to another location on the same floor which is right at the heart of a politically charged zone. Now I am not sure whether that is the first omen of my bad fortune year. I hope that I can stay out of trouble acting stupid but polItics is tricky business, one never know quite what to do.The good news is, C and I just managed to procure our first customer for our own part-time business. It is all very exciting. I do hope that the business will take off and we can one day work for ourselves. I shall keep my fingers crossed and pray hard that this will happen sooner rather than later.

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