A weekend away

It was a long weekend for most workers in Britain because Monday was a bank holiday. The train stations were extraordinary busy as most people, myself included, have chosen to travel within or without the UK before the summer ends.My husband and I went to Preston, a town in the North West region of England to visit a couple. They just moved down south from Glasgow and have rented a country house to settle down for the time being. It is such a lovely home, I loved it the minute I got out of the car. The front garden was immaculate with carpet grass that makes you feel like lying on it under the sun. The house boasts 4 double bedrooms with 5 toilets/ bathrooms! It also has a good sized dining room and a lovely lounge with extremely comfortable sofa. It’s almost a house to dream for.The highlight of my weekend was our trip to Lake District. We went to Ambleside and the town was so idyllic. In order to capture the serenity of this famous place, we challenged ourselves with a 3 hour walk and hiking. In fact, there are various walking trails and we just chose one that led us to Loughrigg Fell as we were told that it’ll be worth it. On our way up, there were walls at parts of the trail that were built using stacked slates partly covered with moss. It felt as though we were on an adventurous journey in the LOTR’s ‘Middle Earth’. There were also lambs almost everywhere that add a tinge of life to form the picturesque country view.

Grasmere lake

We climbed to the crest of Loughrigg Fell which is 335m high and the sights were breathtaking. I have to confess that the journey was a lot more interesting than being at the top. My hubby has taken a few photos which I have posted here as I think they deserve more admirers. Except the crowd that packed the town due to the long weekend, it was otherwise a perfect getaway.

Grasmere Lake 2

I won’t complain about the weather as I didn’t expect it to be all sunny. I was last in Lake District about 6 years ago and I almost forgot how pretty it is. It’s definitely worth going again and I suspect that will be soon too.That just about summarised my weekend and it is a little bit of a pain to be back home in the city centre after a 4 hour delayed train journey. Reality is a pain when you realise that you are stucked in it.:)

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  1. Sounds like a nice little trip! We managed to sneak in some time for a 10 mile leisurely bike ride Sunday afternoon on the country roads nearby. It was certainly refreshing and beneficial to my underused leg/thigh muscles…..

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