Aegon Championships at the Queen’s Club

Took a day off to the Queen’s Club in London to watch the Aegon Championships today. It used to be called Stella Artois Championships. Anyway it was the first time I went to the Queen’s Club in West Kensington. The venue is much smaller than Wimbledon. But I think there are more ground courts sitting areas for people to comfortably sit down and watch tennis. Particularly when there is good weather like we had today. It was a wonderful day out.To be honest, I may be more a football fan than tennis, but I think I enjoy watching tennis like this better than watching football game in a stadium. To be able to get so close to the players, and feel all the actions going on in the court. Very enjoyable. I mean it will be difficult to beat the atmosphere in a stadium if the fans did turn up, and start singing and cheering. But it is so much more relaxing watching tournament tennis, where you can watch tennis the whole day, in the accompany of very civil audience. The atmosphere is certainly very different. And you don’t always have to spend all the time watching tennis. You can have a break and have drinks with your family or friends outdoor or in the dining area.We’ll miss Wimbledon this year. So maybe we’ll find more people there next year. Meanwhile, it’s back to work again tomorrow.

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