American beauty and muslim women

This article about comparing British and American women and asking why British women don’t spend the time, money and effort on their upkeep like American women do has caused such an uproar in the UK that the author has written a follow up to respond to the criticisms. I guess the author has half expected the controversy that comes with his article. But I’m sure he must be fascinated by the attention given to his article, and maybe even himself.So there are these rather “hard-core” American women who will dedicate a lot of money, time and effort to make themselves look gorgeous all the time, and throughout their lifetime. Some may even go the extra length to undergo cosmetic surgery, take botox injection, you name it. Some say that they do this for themselves. But I’m not so sure for those “hard-core” beauties. Let’s face it, if men do not pay them much attention regardless of how good or sexy they look, do you think they will be motivated to spend all that money, time and effort to keep up with their look? I don’t think so.On the contrary, there are these muslim women who cover up themselves, even the face, except the eyes, believing that by doing so people, especially men, will treat them as a person, rather than a sex object, and not be distracted by their features, body etc. Which is also a valid point, particularly for married women. But for women who are single and are looking for love, it’s probably going to be a bit tricky. Match making comes to mind, but personally I’m still not very receptive to such idea.Anyway, to be honest, I certainly don’t mind women looking good (why would I?:)). But I guess what is more important is to look after yourself. Afterall, our look can’t last forever. If you are unhappy about say the weight you put on, do something about it. Don’t get vindictive when people talk about fat, lazy people (not necessarily in a bad way)!

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  1. Hi CK, I have seen this “beauty = top priority” case in many countries that I have been to, Venezuela, Korea, Japan, HK, Singapore and Malaysia, of course. Just walk around the shopping malls / town and see how many Slimming Centres, Hair Treatment, Spa, Hairstylist, Massage, Cosmetics shops you can find. It is a good business to go into, with the soaring demand for people to look good. Nevertheless, I sure agree with you about beauty is not everything. Health & happiness is much more important. I am reading this book by Carly Fiorina (ex-lady CEO of HP) titled “Tough Choices” and I really like a phrase she believed in – “What you are is God’s gift to you. What you make of yourself is your gift to God”. LSM

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