Another photo selected by Schmap

This is another of my photo that is included in the Schmap, but this time in their Vienna Edition (previously the Seville Edition). To their credit, they have certainly worked out a very good business model, and a win-win situation for photographers and themselves. On their wesbite, you can see that they do a very good job in acknowledging photos contributed to their travel guides by amateur photographers like me. This is important as photographers, I think mostly amateurs, will then be more receptive to the idea of not being paid for photographs used. (Well, we are not used to being paid in the first place anyway! :)) More importantly, every photo they used can be traced back to where the photos came from, e.g. in my case the Flickr site where I uploaded my photos. For amateur photographers, this creates more exposure to the photos they uploaded, which originally may well be intended to be shared with just friends and families, and brings their photos out from near anonymity.What they gain in doing this is not just the rights to using the photos. The more photos they have chosen from different people, the more people will know about their travel guide. Yes publicity, coming from ecstatic photographers. If these photographers have websites or blogs, like myself, even better, as they are likely to blog about this or create links back to their website, e.g. you can voluntarily put the following widget (source code provided by them) on the side of your website.Clever eh? I think it’s just a matter of time before they phase in the truly revenue generating advertisments onto their website. Will see.

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