Another step closer to getting ATOL license

Had a meeting with the CAA yesterday to discuss my application for the small business ATOL travel license. Everything seems fine, in my opinion. Think what they want is really to make sure that I’m not going to trade more than I’m authorised to, without giving them notice or providing them extra bond guarantee. This is fine for me for the time being as I’m likely not going to be swamped with business initially 🙂 In fact this small business ATOL works out to be very favourable for new startups, as it allows them to compete with the big players on a more level playing field in the travel industry. And most of all the customers are protected in case the company disappears or goes busted. Finger crossed, I should be receiving an offer letter within the next week or so, telling me requirements I need to fulfill before they will grant me the license, e.g. the amount of bond I need to provide, information about methods of payment and so on.

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  1. Hi Entrepreneur,I am just looking into applying for my small business ATOL and foud your comments. Just wanted to check Did you do the application yourself or di you employ an agent to process your application? Were you successful in the end and were the terms manageable for a small business?Thanks for your help,Lynn

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