Another ultrasound scan, six years later

Read my blog post six years ago on the very first ultrasound scan of my baby. Wife had another few days ago on our second baby, six years later. I couldn’t remember that there were actually quite a few details there. My memory is certainly not getting any better by the day. It is a brilliant idea that I blog every now and then. I think I will enjoy reading it again when I’m older.

The foetus this time was actually only 5cm at two days shy of twelve weeks. Whereas the first one was 6.1cm at twelve-and-a-half weeks. In any case I was still fascinated by how fully formed the tiny foetus was. Again I was relief that the foetus looked healthy. Sense of deja vu, but only when I was reminded by my blog post LOL. We decided not to find out about the sex of our baby this time round. Should be fun 🙂

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