Apprentice UK 2007

My colleague told me half a year ago that an ex-colleague of ours, Sophie, was auditioning to appear on the Apprentice. I wasn’t too surprised, to be honest, considering the character and personality of my ex-colleague. In fact, in my opinion, she does not look out of place in this type of reality show. However I was surprised 2 months ago when my colleague told me that she actually made it to the last 16, after initially telling me that she didn’t make it to the “last 12”. What a turn of events. Well, this means that I finally have the chance to watch somebody I know, and whom I’ve worked with, on a reality show! Hurray!Personally, I don’t fancy her winning. She may be clever, competent and ambitious, but I don’t think she is that wise a person. Anyway, let’s see if she has what it takes to win the show, which is very different from succeeding in a work place, and hope that she is wiser than I thought she was.

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