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How’s prioritisation implemented in 802.1Q capabled devices?

It is incredibly difficult to find out whether prioritisation is handled if a NIC is 802.1Q capabled. And if yes, how? All I manage to find out from various literature is that the 802.1Q header supports setting Priority Code Point (PCP), which is made up of 3 bits. But not much is mentioned on whether prioritisation is actually done, end-to-end which I’m interested in. I would imagine that if the MAC supports prioritisation, then there must be some form of mechanisms to prioritise, whether it be multiple queues or what have you. WLAN 802.11e NICs have four queues implemented in hardware. However nothing is mentioned on NICs that support 802.1Q. I know VLAN works fine with just single queue. But I would like to find out how prioritisation is meant to work in 802.1Q!If there is not multiple queues in hardware, guess the stack needs to do something on prioritisation according to the code points. I know priority mappings can be done from IP layer (DiffServ Code Point) to WLAN 802.11e MAC. I guess the same needs to be done too if we want to realise traffic prioritisation. Perhaps it’s time to look into the source code of the Linux stack and see if prioritisation is done there. Product’s information from vendors is always a pain to locate, and always very vague.

Colief DOES seem to work?

It’s been a while I last update my blog here. Probably the longest I’ve gone missing without a post. During these times my baby was born, that’s all 🙂 But one difficult baby she is. She seems to be suffering from colic. Can’t sleep for long often, waking up almost every hour sometimes, provided that she sleeps in the first place, and requires a lot of soothing before you can fall asleep. No, we don’t believe it’s a sleeping problem.Tried a lot of things. Electric bouncer we borrowed from a friend, which is brought over from Malaysia. Colic drops like Infacol, Dentinox, and Gripe water. Not sure if the wind built up in her tummy is the cause for the colic. But she does often seem to have a lot of wind. We try our best to her burp. Sometimes we massage her tummy, and then lift her legs to help release wind from her tummy. We use ointments which my mother-in-law brought over from Malaysia to rub on her tummy as well. But nothing seems to be quite effective.Colief is another remedy that is known to relief colic. But at £10.99 for only 7ml of solution, it is not something we want to try in a hurry. We did run out of options eventually and bought this Colief, rather reluctantly. A lot of people who have used it think it is effective. Indeed it does seem to improve things initially. But I’m not so sure now after a few days. Perhaps I have been expecting more from this Colief, which can work out to be more expensive than a bottle of Dom Perignon! Maybe without Colief my daughter is going suffer even more.So now we are using Colief. It does not take very long before this bottle runs out, as we need to add four drops of Colief to each of her feed. And she is fed 8 times a day. When can we stop using Colief? As it is really expensive to keep feeding her that. When I told my friends in Malaysia that such a small bottle costs so much, they were in disbelief. Let’s just hope that her condition subsides quickly.

Bloody Google is getting worse!

What used to work suddenly starts to keep crashing my Safari, as well as my iOS on my iPad! Web front-ends are trying to do more and more nowadays. What used to be simple static HTML web pages get so sophisticated that they can run various stuff on your web browser. I must say that I’m not a big fan of heavy front-ends. And yet Google seems very keen to lead us to run everything on web browsers. Things get so clunky that it is little wonder GMail starts crashing my iPad. God knows what they have done lately. And Eric Schmidt even foresees that Google will not only “answer” your queries, but also tell you what to do next! Good…

Quidco does work for iPad ordered for collection in-store!

It’s been a while since I last checked on my Quidco account. Guess I wasn’t optimistic about getting any cashback from the iPad we bought from PC World two months ago, although this offer was advertised on the Quidco website. Because we ordered the iPad online, but chose to collect in-store, which means paying for the iPad in-store as well. So we weren’t sure if Quidco will be able to track the completed transaction. I mean I haven’t yet received the 3% cashback too, but at least the transaction is validated on my Quidco account. The validation process required that I provide some sort of transaction number printed on the receipt I received after making the payment at the store. So there you go, you can get some savings even on Apple’s products!

What a con offer from BT!

Received a letter through our letter box today about a Summer Deal offer from BT. Thought it’s really cheap, £15.99 a month for BT Total Broadband, plus unlimited UK landline calls. And it’s free for the first three months of service. But it is only after looking at the small prints more carefully, and repeatedly, when I realise that this £15.99 actually does not bloody include the line rental, which is currently about £10 a month! How is it such an exciting deal I wonder, almost in disbelief that they actually have the guts to send out such weak marketing offers.You see, I’m currently paying only £7.50 for my broadband with O2, as I’m also their mobile phone customer. Yes, I’m only getting up to 8Mbps, as opposed to up to 20Mbps. But I don’t have a usage cap of 10GBytes per month! For these I’ll have to shell out almost twice what I’m currently paying to go with BT. How silly does that sound? And what I don’t like about BT is it seems that they deliberately try to make their offers sound better than they actually are. Wasted my time having to look into the small prints to get a full view of what the offer actually meant. So not impressed with these marketing people, and BT!

Tyre punctures

What’s with me and tyre punctures I wonder. Bought a car only three weeks ago, went on long distance to Cornwall for a holiday, then one of my front tyres went flat on the second day! Similar things happened to me after I bought my bicycle. Three or four punctures within the first month or two. Very unlucky. This time it was costly as well, as the object that pierced through the tyre was too close to the side wall to mend, which means the whole tyre needed replacing. Ouch!Looking on the positives, we have car breakdown cover so we didn’t have to even change the car tyre ourselves. And we have a full size tyre that comes with the car so we didn’t need to go looking for a local tyre shop to deal with the punctured tyre immediately. Thus we were able to carry on where we left off for the rest of the day. Lastly I think we saved almost 30 quid on our Michelin tyre thanks to the advice of one of the mechanics at Kwik-fit, a tyre shop. Actually his advice, which was to send my punctured tyre to another nearby tyre shop to get it mended, did not work because that tyre shop does not mend punctures that are close to the sidewall as well. The mechanic personally thought the puncture was not that close to the sidewall and could be mended, but he is restricted by company’s policy, hence the suggestion. Anyway we wanted to keep all four of our tyres to be of the same make, but the second tyre shop did not have one in stock. So we got a quote and called Kwik-fit to see if they have one around. Had it not been this initial quote, Kwik-fit was planning to charge me 30 quid more for the same tyre! My friend was surprised as well as he thought Kwik-fit is normally fairly competitive. Looks like these shops will rip you off if you have not done a bit of homework beforehand! Well at least not all is bad. And we had excellent weather throughout our holiday as well 🙂

Reading my own diary

Today my colleague was looking for information on how to take off the cassette from his rear bicycle wheel. Then I remember that I have written something on here about the differences between cassette and freewheel. What a great idea keeping a diary like this! I can easily retrieve the information too, probably quicker than using Internet search engine.Sometimes it’s not about me writing something more useful than what already have been written elsewhere. It’s just that some times it is quite nice reading what I’ve written some time ago as well. Does remind me of what I’ve been up to at that moment in time. And interestingly I was somewhat amazed after reading my post again, as I could not remember most of what I had written, and that was only 2 years ago! Think I will make a conscious effort to keep blogging here, despite spending more and more time on Facebook lately. Shame on me (I know!).

Horse manure as fertiliser

We finally got our allotment after what must have been a 2 years queue. This is how the allotment area looks like (not how our plot of land looks like though 🙁 at least not yet). We would certainly like our plot to look somewhat like that, but it will almost certainly requre a lot of work. Now that the little one is coming out quite soon, I really wonder if we can keep the land at a respectable state!Anyway I went to a stable where my colleague keeps his pony and horse to collect some horse manure as fertiliser for our allotment yesterday. Apparently the horse manure is cleared out together with the horse bedding everyday. My colleague is currently changing the bedding twice everyday! Because his horse has strained one of her muscles or tendons. Really high maintenance to keep a horse is it not? Which in a way makes me a little more committed to do well on the allotment. As surely I can afford to spare some time for the allotment as well?Fortunately the bedding my colleague use for his animals is made up of straws and hays. Because if sawdust or wood shavings are used instead, the manure and bedding mixture is not going to be suitable for use as fertiliser directly. Whilst the horse manure is good to use as fertiliser, the sawdust or wood shavings are not crop friendly. Apparently when wood breaks down in the soil a nitrogen deficiency occurs, which stunts the growth of crops. There are ways to combat this, like adding nitrogen fertiliser. But we obviously are not interested in such extra activities :)Bags of “black gold” that look almost like soil were dug from the bottom of the manure and hay “mountain” yesterday. Very satisfied. Will work on the allotment in anger from next week once we get our car this coming Tuesday!

What would you do?

Found this on RPK’s website and couldn’t help but to share it here as I find it quite hilarious. But I guess you’ll have to be a Malaysian to appreciate the joke 🙂

I was stuck in a traffic jam on the PLUS Highway last week. Nothing moved for half an hour when suddenly a man knocked on my window. So I rolled down my window and asked, “What’s going on?””Terrorists down the road have kidnapped a few UMNO politicians. They’re asking for a ransom or they’re going to douse them with petrol and set them on fire. We are going from car to car, taking up a collection.”I then asked, “How much is everyone giving on average?””Most people are giving about a gallon.”

The 11th hour

Like my friend asked, “When did a documentary last make you cry?”. I certainly could not remember when, if it ever did happen to me. The nature has been for too long far too underrated. To put it in figures, according to David Suzuki, it will cost the world approximately $35 trillion dollars a year to replace what nature does for us for free! Hence it is baffling when we talk about economy, growth, and whatnot, the wonders of nature are not included in the equation. It is as though humans are above everything else in nature, and that we have the rights to take it for granted. Makes me very sad. It really does not matter to me if human eventually extincts. The Earth will survive, so as other life forms, albeit simpler ones. We just don’t deserve to live if we do not change the way we think and live, so as to maintain the Earth at a condition suitable for human to live. Keep living irresponsibly, and keep coming up with theories to justify your existence above everything else.