Beware of Viu and Digi

I am so going to flame Digi for allowing services like Viu, which is a video content provider, to appear so easily on customer’s bill. To start with, I did not knowingly subscribe to Viu, which I had no idea what it is about until I checked my monthly bill. Because the amount I need to pay for my “all you can eat” type postpaid plan should be the same every month, so I was alarmed why I needed to pay slightly more end of last month. Then I found this item called “Viu subscription” under my Mobile Services section on my bill. I went to my Digi app, but could not locate this subscription. Phoned up Digi customer helpline today and I was kept in a loop after I chose English language. For some reasons the call just wouldn’t progress past this step to get to a customer representative. So went back to my Digi app, and tried Live Chat instead. Waited over 15 mins for an agent, but then I was told that she cannot unsubscribe me from the Viu subscription. I was told I can email or call this number 03-22422991 to unsubscribe. So I asked if she can bar third party services from ever getting subscribed to my mobile phone account in future and she said she can’t do that. Digi has become such a pimp hooking up customers to whores but is unable to stop billing customers even if they don’t want any whore in future ever again. Digi is very brave. Please continue to upset more customers. It will sure backfire on them. I still have no idea how I got this Viu subscription. Perhaps it is one of those SMS sent out by Digi with a link which I might have accidentally clicked on. But still I do not believe customers should so easily be hooked to such a monthly subscription, and it is on auto-renewal basis every month too whether or not you use the Viu service! I’ve emailed Viu using the email address I have been given by Digi above. Will see if they will refund me my RM5. Digi seems to disclaim any responsibility even though I actually settled the bill with Digi, not Viu. This is such a scam. Happened before in the UK with similar services stealthily billed to customers without them knowing how it happened, e.g. free trial of services for one month when customers take up a new contract with the mobile phone service providers but are then charged every month after the free trial period etc. But that was ten, fifteeen years ago. There really is no excuse. Digi is basically trying to scam its subscribers by partnering with such services and then put on teflon shoulder and put the blame back on subscribers for not being careful enough. Will update again tomorrow if I hear more from Viu. I need to know how to unsubscribe Viu quickly so I won’t be charged RM5 every month by Digi, and whether I can get a refund for last month’s subscription which I did not use!

Update 6/9/2017:

Turns out that if you manage to speak to a Digi customer representative on the phone, they can unsubscribe you from the Viu service, and they can do a refund on the monthly charge too! This is so different from the answers I was given by the Live Chat agent. There seems to be a serious gap in what the Live Chat agent can do compared to a customer rep on the phone. Think I will give Live Chat a miss from now on. And lastly remember to watch out for your Digi bill!

Update 8/9/2017: Received a text message today telling me that the Viu subscription has been renewed! This is despite me having made complaints to both Digi and Viu. You see, once Viu sneaked into your bill, and on auto-renewal, it seems very difficult to get it removed! Now I have to make a call to Digi, again, to get them to take this subscription off my next bill. This is so bloody annoying!

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  1. me too, i duno when i accidentally subscribe to viu?! i’ve received sms say renew start from 10/9, must login to viu website if wish to unsubscribe. but i dont have any account id to login, i’ve try all emails all invalid, cannot login. not sure how to unsubscribe it and it is not appear in mydigi order too.

  2. Contrary to what your post mentioned, I called scammer Digi at 016-221 1800, but they were unable to unsubscribe VIU or give a RM5 refund for me.

    They asked me to download VIU app and unsubscribe from there.

    Robbed in broad daylight!!!

        1. I’m afraid I can’t help you on this. Looks like they might have changed things around. I posted this about 6 months ago. Think you’ll have better luck contacting them directly about this.

  3. Hey! I had this problem while my service provider is U mobile. I called both of the representatives and didn’t get any useful solution. All they told me was, to refer to viu. On the other hand, viu told me the ordinary apps ways to unsubscribe which is not helpful at all.

    A million thanks for your experience sharing! It helps!

    1. Yes, I’ve called Viu twice and they kept referring me back to U Mobile. They even told me that I’ve received SMS on the renewal and also it’s reflected on my statements. Implying that it’s not their fault that I was caught unaware about the sudden charges!

  4. I just found out i was being billed for Value Added Services “VAS” which was Viu subscription for the last few months. Called U Mobile and they ask me to contact Viu. Contacted Viu they said I have to refer to U Mobile. When I mentioned that I didn’t subscribe to their services, the person on the line for Viu said the Postpaid package which i sign up with U Mobile has an auto subscription feature and by signing up for that package I agree to it’s terms and condition. On top of that she mentioned that an SMS from U Mobile would have been sent after the promotional period to ask if we want to terminate the subscription. If we want to terminate we will have to reply, if not just leave it be. Shouldn’t this be the other way around? If someone doesn’t read his/her sms (many scams around these days), means they agree to continue subscription?! Nonsense. It should be an active motion on the part of consumer to agree for continuation of a service not the other way round. My case still pending.

  5. Wow so this is common. i just found out i was being billed for various subscriptions which i have never heard of… e.g. Viu, Fortuma, Hopster. etc.

    What makes it worst it was being billed to my Digi broadband plan. And all messages regarding ‘please go this so an so website to cancel subscription’ was sent to my hua wei Digi modem inbox. I never check that Huawei app and only did so because i was hunting for the source of these subscriptions.

    Complained via live chat x2. emailed x1. Hope it is solved quickly. The ‘Hopster’ subscription renews on 24 August according to my Huawei link app inbox and it does not even provide a viable link to cancel subscription. i cant sepnd my days checking my Huawei link inbox all the time. I have better things to do….

    Where to lodge an official complaint with the appropriate agency?

  6. To be fair to the telcos they are only a dumb pipe. The content providers are the culprits. Why would they allow such subscription to happen when you click on the banner (auto opt in) Go after Viu. I am an ex telco employee fyi!

    1. Digi and Viu have some partnership agreement before Viu is allowed to be one of the content providers for Digi users. Digi should not be so lax on Viu to allow opt in to happen so easily in the first place. Nobody knows Viu, so they don’t care, but Digi has a brand and reputation to protect! So to be honest Digi is mostly to blame if they lose customers.

  7. If u notice in your digi app bill, there is UNBILLED AMOUNT charges. That amount are not mentioning any purpose but actually its just a trick that u need to aware. That amount is for the viu subscription renewal. i got charge for RM10.60 every month since may 2019 only then i notice that. My advice is before made a monthly payment for your digi bill, u may actually amend the premium by minus the total of billed with the unbilled amount. This is my first times doing this so im looking forward on what is the result of my action. I wanna see whether the susbcription will auto terminate or not. My total digi bill actually RM53 but it increase to RM63.60 since may. How fool im. Anyway hope this tips would help u guys

  8. Hello guys….purchase RM5 and get freedom Viu 5GB High-speed internet….but…When im stream Viu..they charge my my one time data internet..seriously Digi???where is you 5GB high-speed internet???so scammer

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