Bike thief

Someone tried to steal W’s bike while we were watching tele yesterday, at around 12 midnight! It was quite an unpleasant experience to be honest. I was first alerted by the knocking sound of the chain that is used to chain the bike around the metal rail. But I quickly dismissed it as I thought it was just strong wind that caused the long chain to swing, which happened quite often. However, the longer I heard the more it sounded like someone was pulling the chain. So I nervously opened the front window blinds to see what actually happened, almost certain that someone was outside. To my horror, he was still there, as he didn’t know we opened the blinds. After a quick second of hesitation, as I thought perhaps I should also call the police, I opened the door and shouted at him. Under this kind of circumstances, which I had no experience of, I wondered if I should chase out, as he very quickly sprinted away. I had a look around from the front door, but still not confident enough to walk out to check on the bike, as I feared that he might be still around. It was all very nervy. I ended up holding an umbrella, and was reassured that W would close the front door after I walked out, before I actually went out to examine the damage. I was surprised to see that the whole bike lock was gone. Think he might have successfully picked the lock, in this short period time. Incredible. I thought the lock I bought was quite a good one. Anyway both of us become very paranoid after this incident. We even thought someone might have entered our flat, as W found that our kitchen door was left opened. W even passed me a knife as she thought someone might be hiding behind the toilet door. That was scary moment, although I didn’t think that could be possible. Anyway I was relieved to see no one in the toilet. Damn, this is really no good to our nerves!

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