Bird, mouse and me

The bird feeder I hang in my backyard is supposed to be for the birds. I’ve complaint before in my previous post about mice somehow mysteriously taken the fat ball I hanged outside. But these days the mice not only start taking food from my bird feeder, they are even bold enough to do it in the day time!

Mouse on the bird feederMouse on the bird feederMouse on the bird feeder

Unbelievable. I tried putting oil onto the pole and moving it away from the little bamboo fence hoping that they won’t be able to climb up the pole so merrily. But I was too naive. Tried setting up a fence using some sharp bamboo skewers hoping to keep them away from my bird feeder (in fact I was hoping to see the scenario where they will fall off from the bird feeder and will have their butts poked, just to teach them a lesson). Didn’t work as well. Gave up putting the bird feeder there. Put up a cage instead to protect my fat balls. But they still somehow manage to attack my fat balls. I put up two fat balls and they only lasted just more than a week. Bought a window bird feeder last week, thinking that they probably won’t come so close to my flat, and won’t be able climb up the feeder. Wrong again! They still somehow manage to take the whole fat ball away, again! I’ve moved the window bird feeder further up. So far it hasn’t yet been attacked by the mice. Let’s hope it stays that way. I definitely don’t plan to trap or poison them. Afterall they are still very cute little animals. But it’s not my intention to attract them here! I want birds!! How annoying!Bamboo skewer fenceCage for the fat ballWindow bird feeder

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    1. Hellz, I’ve caught a rat visiting my flat before. The rat is much bigger trust me. In fact I somehow managed to catch its tail with bare hand whilst it was trying to escape back into a hole in the wall. Its tail is much fatter too!

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