Birds along River Kennet I

After days of “planning”, I finally got down to bringing the chunky SLR camera with me today to take some photos of birds on my way to work. I very much regretted for not doing it yesterday, due to rain, as all five mute swan chicks were seen carried by one of their parents on the back. And a heron, commonly seen on the River Kennet, was just right next to them. It was a pity.This morning, I set off hoping to see the brood of mute swans again, my main target for the day, and the heron. Unexpectedly I also saw a pair of canada goose with their chick. I initially wanted to tempt the geese to come closer with some bread. But one of the parents started to sound some warning. I’m aware that it’s not a good idea to piss off the geese, so I stayed away, took some photos and then left.This time the swans and the heron were not seen where they used to be. It wasn’t that much of a surprise really, as this is part and parcel of wildlife watching. They have their own life to live and they please no one. Anyway I was lucky to at least have heron, which was later found 10-20 yards from where he used to be, and canada geese to limit my disappointment.

Canada Geese and Heron

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