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Nadia Sugar & Spice is closing end of August

Nadia Sugar Spice De Garden
Went to Cheeky Tots indoor playground due to the haze today. Passed by Nadia Sugar & Spice. It wasn’t opened. Tables and chairs outside weren’t there anymore. Asked the security guard at De Garden. Its last day is end of this month. So another shop closing down. We have dined there a couple of times. Hardly a fan, but the family who runs the business are very nice people. It’s a shame. But they do lack a good crowd the few times we were there, weekends or not, so it’s always going to be a problem, for any business. Especially when the economy is not doing so well.

Updated 11/11/2015:
Nadia Sugar & Spice has now become Nurul Sugar & Spice. Looks like business has changed hands. But everything looks the same apart from a slight change in their name and their signboard.

AEON Klebang opening on 21st October 2015

AEON is hiring, with a booth infront of AEON supermarket in Kinta City, for AEON Klebang, Ipoh.
Aeon walk in interview
When asked when AEON Klebang is opening, the girl told me 21st October 2015 is the opening date. Escalators in the shopping mall have all been installed too, as I know. I’m just a little surprised that it is so soon, considering that the market is rather soft at the moment. Very interested to know if they manage to fill up the retail spaces there on their opening day.

Updated 21/10/2015:
It’s the opening day of AEON Klebang. Here is their location if you don’t know where AEON Klebang is:
Location of AEON Klebang

Updated 22/10/2015:
Floor plan of AEON Klebang.
AEON Klebang Floor Plan

Shops directory of AEON Klebang.
AEON Klebang Shops Directory

A new place to buy wild salmon

Rainbow Trout Frozen Told
You can now buy Norwegian wild salmon in Ipoh Garden East. A new shop called Rainbow Trout Frozen Food has just opened three weeks ago located in Medan Ipoh. Here is their address:

Rainbow Trout Frozen Food

They may not always stock the wild salmon in the shop, but you can place order with them. They will call you when it’s arrived.

Frozen smoked salmon is available too, at RM80 a kg. Frozen New Zealand green mussels, with shell, is sold at RM21 a box. As far as I know this is the cheapest price I can find in Ipoh. Other shops sell at closer to RM30 a box.

Importantly Mr Low above seems to know where the fish are sourced from. Their salmon fish that are not wild are farmed in Norway. Often when I asked some sellers they have no knowledge of where their fish are from. A whole farmed frozen salmon fish is sold at RM26/kg which I think is good price.

Lastly we are certainly very pleased, as it is located close to where we live. Excellent.

Updated on 19/10/2016:
The shop unfortunately has closed for a couple of months now. Business wasn’t doing quite as well as expected, and there were issues between the partners. All the best to Mr Low in his future venture nevertheless.

Restaurants and cafes where kids can play

Recently came across this blog post that recommends restaurants and cafes where kids can play in Klang Valley region. These are fairly decent recommendations. As I have posted before, parents with children do yearn for places where they can sit down and relax while their children can keep themselves busy. However I couldn’t help but to find that these restaurants/cafes, when compared to Cheeky Tots in Ipoh, where I now live, rather underwhelming. By and large they source their toys from IKEA. Some hardly much space or toys for the kids to keep themselves occupied for long.

This baby/toddler play area in itself is already bigger than those you can find in any of the cafes above.

Baby toddler play area

And you have these playhouses,

Play houses



reading corner, with some toys too,

Reading area

and of course this elephant in the room (taken from their website).

Main play frame

The Ipoh folks should count themselves lucky to have such a family and kids friendly facility around, as I think it is hard pressed to find something equivalent in KL. In fact anywhere in Malaysia. Sure it is not free to enter, like other cafes or restaurants. But with deals like this, it is as affordable as you can get.

After school deal

McDonald’s at Kinta City Shopping Mall has closed shop

Find it difficult to believe that even McDonald’s packed up in a busy shopping mall.
The customer service in Kinta City Shopping Mall confirmed this. I heard that McDonald’s want to do 24 hours drive through service which they can’t do at the shopping mall that is why they decided not to renew their contract. There is however already one next to MH Hotel. So this can’t be the sole reason they want out. It is likely they want to relocate somewhere else. But from what I can see it’s good business in AEON Kinta City. It’s a loss they chose to relocate in my view. But I obviously I don’t know how much Kinta City was asking for rental which could make it less profitable than a 24 hours drive through business model. I heard that Black Canyon is paying RM33,000 a month so McDonald’s was probably paying that kind of money previously. It would be difficult for Kinta City to find a new tenant to occupy that space for sure considering that it is a premium ground floor lot. With the upcoming AEON in Klebang, I can foresee rental to remain suppressed for years to come in Ipoh, especially when the economy is looking dire at the moment. You see even McDonald’s don’t want to do business in a busy shopping mall anymore!

Updated 15/11/2015:
Kinta City has cleared out the space vacated by McDonald’s. Now Peugeot is doing a car road show there. No more green wall there, which would delight my daughter as she is scared of green wall for some reasons and has lately refused to go to Kinta City because of that!
Apparently McDonald’s closed down because business was indeed not as good as those drive thru outlets. Two to three hundred thousands revenue a month was not good enough. A good drive thru outlet in Ipoh can hit close to 1 million Ringgit a month…

Our new website for healthier kidneys

Life events can be quite interesting. My father-in-law initially started out invented a new way of grinding grains into powder form, and then selling them as nutrition food for those who are health conscious. Interestingly, after selling them for years now, it turns out that they are an invaluable source of nutrition for patients who are suffering from kidney problems! Yes patients, not just those who are alive and kicking. And what I found it most incredible is there are success stories, more and more as well, where patients no longer have to go for kidney transplants or the expensive kidney dialysis.As a kid I always heard about horror stories, from my mum as well, of having to go for kidney dialysis if I don’t drink enough water etc. If patients are given a choice I think they most definitely would not want to go through such process. So if you don’t want to suffer from such kidney problems then remember to take care of your kidneys.I mean I was quite sceptical as well when I heard that the nutrition food is that effective, thinking that it may be just a one-off thing for a certain patient with a certain condition. But recently we have a tour guide in Malaysia who is supposed to go for kidney transplants end of this month. So we thought why not introduce him the nutrition food. To be honest at the time we don’t know how severe is his condition, but kidney transplant does sound like the last resort doesn’t it? So we do not harbour much hope of him trying the nutrition food out, and we do not want to make things worse either, although W’s father claims that he has seen patients in worse conditions having recovered after taking in his nutrition food for 20 days 🙂 Anyway our tour guide has made a decision to postpone his kidney operation. From what we heard, he is feeling better now that he has started taking in the nutrition food, to our delights.Doctors are very good at curing symptoms. But what people often forget is they are what they eat. If we can change our diet and eat good nutritional food, we really cannot underestimate the impact they have on our body and general wellness. As is the case here, where kidneys are resurrected, although not quite there yet for the tour guide we know, by taking in natural food. We’ll keep you posted on our new website at And please do not hesitate to let us know if you have friends or families who are suffering from kidney problems. We’d very much like to help the best we can.

Malaysian food in Reading

Roti canai making

We have Malaysian food back in Reading once again, yay! There used to be a Malaysia Cafe located at the exact same place, but has closed shop some months ago. I guess the demand for Malaysian food is not great in Reading, taking into account its less than prime location too. In terms of orders from events/functions or lunch time catering, I have a feeling that the Brits would probably rather stick to sandwiches. So tough business if I’m being honest. But I sincerely hope this ex hotel chef, who is from my home state Perak in Malaysia, can thrive in the business, as that means that we can continue to enjoy his beautiful Malaysian food. Have a look at the photo, that is fresh roti canai, the real deal 😉

Cooking popcorn at home

If you have not tried cooking popcorn before, you definitely should try it. Interestingly, we got this idea from watching a home cooking show called Nigella Express, which we were attracted to by the criticisms the programme was subjected to. And we wanted to see if Nigella Lawson is really that flirtatious, after watching a lousy but hilarious impression performed by a guy in Graham Norton’s show (yes she does look rather flirtatious, but she certainly has not been squeezing her breasts every now and then :)) Anyway we just cooked our popcorn using her recipe, and it was quite fun. We used a big pan with a transparent glass lid, so we actually could see the popcorn pop! And W was amazed, to my amusement :)Interesting observation: it’s actually the crystallised or solidified sugar on the popcorn that makes them crunchier!

Calories intake

There seems to be a rush of TV programmes on food, diet, healthy living and animal welfare recently. It seems that the reason people are getting obese is they are eating too much. Painfully obvious, but what is interesting is people have little idea about the calories they take in. A lot of them think their diet is okay, without realising that they actually eat more than their body can burn off everyday. Yet wonder why they are getting bigger in size! One woman was convinced that her metabolic rate is lower than an average person’s and turns out she actually has a normal one after consultation with a doctor. Now I start to wonder if I have not been eating enough, as I’m definitely underweight, and have always blamed this on my high metabolic rate! Perhaps I should start paying a bit more attention on the calories I take in as well. How ironic :)BTW, as food is getting more expensive nowadays, there is definitely a strong case for people to start eating less (not more than they need), not just for obesity issue, and consume less meat, for various reasons.

Malaysia cafe

Finally there’s a place in Reading that serves Malaysian food 🙂 And it’s truly authentic! I’m so pleased that my English friend took the time to inform us about this new cafe (see map), knowing that we’ll definitely be interested in our fellow Malaysian’s food 🙂 Feeling a bit hungry after a session of tennis yesterday, we paid the cafe a visit to see what have they got. To our pleasant surprise, the cafe is indeed run by Malays. Although Taste of Malaysia Cafe is more like a take-away shop, you can choose to eat-in if you want to. The menu is very vegetarian friendly, and should give the residents around some very interesting alternatives to the usual kebab, fish & chips, chinese and indian take-away. We ordered nasi lemak, and man, I’m still feeling the heat in my stomach today! If you haven’t tasted authentic Malaysian food before, then this is the place. Cheap and cheerful.