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Hand foot mouth disease (HFMD)

HFMD has been on the news almost everyday lately. It’s interesting that it can be so contagious. Considering that usually it is children 5 years and below who are most likely to contract the virus. So I was surprised that even primary schools children were also affected, and class rooms, if not the whole school, had to close down for disinfection. To be honest, there is no guarantee your child won’t pick up the virus, even if your child only stays at home all day. Parents can bring home the virus after work. So parents need to clean themselves up too when they got home.

The best way to lower the risk of getting infected is to always wash your child’s hands with soap and water before they eat. Ingesting the virus is probably the likeliest way one can get infected. The virus is not air borne, I believe. And you won’t get infected by just coming into contact with the virus. The virus can’t penetrate your skin.

It is basically not practical to keep your child in the house all the time and never leave the house. So when you do bring your child out, remember to practise good hygiene. Some restaurants in shopping malls don’t have basins to wash hands so you may have to bring your child to the toilet. Liquid sanitiser can kill bacteria. But not viruses. Wipes might be a better option if there isn’t water source around to wash the hands clean. It’s the same when going to a playground. Always remember to wash hands after play. Parents too! If your child is still young, then you will need to keep an eye on your child so he won’t simply put his hands or fingers in the mouth. If the playground is outdoor then it may be a good idea to bring some water along for washing hands.

Last but not least, it is always better to boost your child’s immune system by getting him to eat healthily. So even if he’s infected, potentially by just a weakened virus (virus can’t survive on surfaces indefinitely), his immune system can fight off the virus.

Trampoline park in Ipoh

I first get to know about trampoline park (I didn’t even know at the time it is called a trampoline park!) when my friend showed me photos of such premise, possibly located in KL. It looks fun, kids can bounce up and down, and side way too! A fun way for kids to do some exercise. I wasn’t interested at the time, as my daughter was still very young, about 5 years old perhaps.

Heard that there is going to be a trampoline park in Ipoh soon too! So I try to check it out and see where it is. No information available as far as I know, but get to read up more about trampoline park though. It is growing in popularity in the US, with an estimated five to six parks opening every month. But the injuries as a result from playing on trampolines shot up too! 

More evidence trampoline parks are dangerous places for kid

A few important points to note are:

  1. Parents should not be complacent and think that the staff working in the park will supervise or ensure your child’s safety while playing there.
  2. Parents need to be aware of the risks of playing in the park, but the staff also need to be trained to know some first aid knowledge, with procedures on how to handle the situation in case there is an emergency. Cases of broken arm, broken back, and even broken neck have occurred before in these parks!
  3. Discourage your child from doing silly stunts like somersault and all without proper supervision.
  4. Don’t let your child jump together with others on the same trampoline.
  5. Keep your child away from bigger kids.

Does make me think twice before I decide to bring my daughter to a trampoline park, if there is one in Ipoh..

Updated 2/2/2017:

There is indeed a new trampoline park in Ipoh, it is called Master Jump. See my next post on this new trampoline park.

How much sleep do kids need?

My daughter is in her primary 1 this year. We put her to bed around 8pm. But she needs to wake up by 6:15am the latest, to allow her time to get changed, eat breakfast and brush teeth. Then she needs to be at school by 7:15am. We live quite close by to the school, so we can afford to leave the house at around 7am. Her school finishes at 2:30pm and she can arrive home before 3pm. This means that she only has at most 5 hours at home to do whatever she needs to get done. Lunch and supper will take between 1-2 hours, considering how quickly my daughter eats. Then she still has much home work to do, given by her school teachers! Now I understand why children has no time to do anything during school days! But having said that, some parents, in fact many in Malaysia, still manage to squeeze in tuition for their beloved. This almost certainly eats into their sleep time. According to the NHS, primary school children between the age of 7-12 years old need between 10 hours 30 minutes to 9 hours 15 minutes of sleep a day. So my daughter is actually still 15 minutes short of the recommended number of hours of sleep! Little wonders why children easily fall sick here. Most children are sleep deprived, and they lack physical exercise, as home work and tuition is given higher priority instead. It is a pity that children need to live this kind of life nowadays when they should be given more time to goof around at this young age.. 

Best creamy yogurt in Malaysia

Thick creamy yogurt
Thick creamy yogurt

We have been used to yogurt in the UK, thick and creamy, and spoilt with choices on the flavours available. But in Malaysia, at the time when we moved back, the choices of yogurt were very limited, and they didn’t taste anywhere as good as those available in the UK. At one point we have even thought about starting our own yogurt business in Malaysia LOL. But obviously it’s easier said than done and we have no experience in the food manufacturing industry. Anyway we have since found this brand of yogurt to be as good if not better than those we enjoyed back in the UK. It’s called Dairy Farmers. Very pleased with the yogurt. Give it a try. We have not looked back since. We used to buy Yoplait, but have since dished it. But mind you it is on the expensive side, about RM21 a tub (600g).

Updated 31/1/2016: Just found out that you can buy one at Jaya Grocer Ipoh Parade for “only” RM18. The cheapest we can find so far in Ipoh.
Updated 22/02/2016: Muller yogurt is the one we were used to in the UK, and it is now available in Jaya Grocer Ipoh Parade too, but at RM7.90 a pop!Muller Corner yogurt Think I will stick to the Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy yogurt, the Muller yogurt tastes watery in comparison!LOL

Jaya Grocer is opening on 30th January

Jaya Grocer

Jaya Grocer is about to open in a couple of days time on the 30th January 2016. Hurrah! Have to go find out what range of items they stock there one day. At the moment all supermarkets are full of people stocking up for Chinese New Year, so definitely won’t be going there on their opening day.

Updated 31/1/2016:
And so we went on the second day, on a Sunday 🙂 It was difficult to find a parking space in Ipoh Parade. Anyway it is a well lit well arranged supermarket, probably typical of Jaya Grocer. But not overly impressed with the range of products on the shelves. Bought ourselves some vegetarian sausages and burgers, and yam which is apparently very cheap at RM6.50 a kilo.

Jaya Grocer
Jaya Grocer

Jaya Grocer opening in Ipoh Parade

Jaya Grocer
Found out that Jaya Grocer is opening a shop in Ipoh Parade. Hurrah! Delighted because there are food products that we like but cannot be found in AEON or Tesco in Ipoh. There used to be a Cold Storage where Jaya Grocer is going to be, in the old wing, basement of Ipoh Parade. But it has packed up many years ago. Think Giant has tried their luck there too to no avail. Presumably because Ipoh Parade is not convenient for shoppers like housewives, to get there in the first place, or to unload their shopping. And parking is relatively expensive nowadays at Ipoh Parade, compared to old times. Competition is getting more fierce, from new AEON and Tesco outlets, offering free to cheaper parking.

Nevertheless I hope Jaya Grocer can survive, so we don’t have to buy some of our food products, mainly imported, only when we are in KL or Penang 🙂 This cause is worth supporting LOL.

A new place to buy wild salmon

Rainbow Trout Frozen Told
You can now buy Norwegian wild salmon in Ipoh Garden East. A new shop called Rainbow Trout Frozen Food has just opened three weeks ago located in Medan Ipoh. Here is their address:

Rainbow Trout Frozen Food

They may not always stock the wild salmon in the shop, but you can place order with them. They will call you when it’s arrived.

Frozen smoked salmon is available too, at RM80 a kg. Frozen New Zealand green mussels, with shell, is sold at RM21 a box. As far as I know this is the cheapest price I can find in Ipoh. Other shops sell at closer to RM30 a box.

Importantly Mr Low above seems to know where the fish are sourced from. Their salmon fish that are not wild are farmed in Norway. Often when I asked some sellers they have no knowledge of where their fish are from. A whole farmed frozen salmon fish is sold at RM26/kg which I think is good price.

Lastly we are certainly very pleased, as it is located close to where we live. Excellent.

Updated on 19/10/2016:
The shop unfortunately has closed for a couple of months now. Business wasn’t doing quite as well as expected, and there were issues between the partners. All the best to Mr Low in his future venture nevertheless.