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Feeding the tame Robin, on video!

Finally recorded down the tame Robin on video. Quality is a bit poor, I know, as I only have a mobile phone that can record video 🙁 Initially the Robin didn’t want to feed from my hand, which you’ll probably notice, my chasing hand 🙂 It was too busy looking at the tub of meal worms which was located just below my feeding hand. Bad idea. In fact it actually flew to the tub, rather than to my hand! But nevertheless, it finally feeds from my hand! Hurray!

Finally tamed the Robin

Tame Robin

After more than a month of patience, the Robin is finally tamed! It feeds off W’s hand, and my friend’s hand too, but not mine! How annoying! W rightly predicted that it will feed off her hand today, as it is very cold today, and naturally the Robin will want more food. BTW we are going to see heavy snow fall over the next few days. Very unusual weather. I hope it’s not going to disrupt our travel plans too much tomorrow though *finger crossed*

Weekend trip to Zurich

On the way up Mt Titlis

Went to Zurich for a weekend two weeks ago. Mainly because W won a pair of flight tickets to Zurich through her company’s lucky draw. Very lucky. Would have loved to stay longer, but I have run out of annual leaves. Such a beautiful country. I have been to Switzerland in summer. Love it. Been to Switzerland in winter, also love it, although not particularly a good time for sight-seeing or taking photos. This time it was autumn, love it too. Still plenty of sunshine, and the view from the top of Mt Titlis was just amazing! It must be a lovely place to live in. Full of outdoor activities all seasons, good transportation system and centrally located in Europe. The Swiss are so blessed!

Trip to Scotland

Highlands Calves

Uploaded some photos of our trip up to Scotland last week. Drove all the way from Reading to Isle of Skye, covered 1,800 miles in total during our 10-day trip. Beautiful highlands, yet Scotland in our opinion is so under-rated. The scenery around Glen Coe was particularly captivating. And we get to see some very cute highland calves and seals :)A colleague warned us about midgets in Scotland. But luckily there weren’t many when we were there, at least not in swamps. Having said that we were still bitten by various unknown bugs, particularly on the last day when our car was stucked in mud for close to two hours! It is a long story. But in short, thanks to TomTom we were led to a single track road that cut across farms in Derbyshire when we were trying to get to Lyme Park, where Pemberley was filmed in BBC’s version of “Pride and Prejudice”. Road got too bumpy, I think it’s only suitable for tractors or 4X4s, so I decided to turn the car around. But the ground on the side of the road was so wet and soft that once I turned in, I couldn’t get the front wheels out again. At least not after close to two hours of struggle. What a nightmare. And during our whole time there we did not see one person around! Fortunately this didn’t happen at night, and we somehow still managed to get the car out of the shit. Invaluable lesson learnt, don’t rely on TomTom entirely!

Wimbledon 2008

Federer vs Nadal

It’s Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final today. For the third time in a row, it’s Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal. Can Roger win the Wimbledon for the 6th time in a row? Or is Rafael going to break Roger’s dominance on grass surface? Oh, I’m feeling nervous now. The final is supposed to start in about an hour’s time. But the weather forecast for today is not good. It was raining quite heavily just now in Reading. In fact there’s a likelihood that the tournament organiser may have to postpone the final to Monday due to the heavy downpour.

Ana Ivanovic

Here are some photos I’ve taken when we went to Wimbledon on Day 5 last week. We got Court No 1 tickets through the public ballot. Quite lucky. So for the first time we don’t have to queue to get into the All England Tennis Club. And we get to see women’s current world number 1 Ana Ivanovic and Lleyton Hewitt. But we wished we had the Centre Court tickets instead, as Roger Federer was playing there! Sigh, maybe next year…

More Robin photos

These are photos taken two days ago when the lighting conditions were better. Roger had been very cooperative, posing for me to do the photoshoot for more than a quarter of an hour 🙂 This was of course because I had not given him all the food he was hoping for in one go. He’s a clever bird. He knows that I will give out food and so had patiently waited for me, while tidying his feather at the same time. A very cheeky bird indeed.

RobinOriginally uploaded by arctanck

Trip to Germany 2 weeks ago

Once again, uploading travel photos is just too time consuming. It put me off every time I thought about having to filter out the photos, resizing them and then upload them to the Flickr website. Took me over an hour to get all these done. No, I’m still yet to label and provide some descriptions to the photos! How annoying!It was a good trip though. Only the second time I’ve been to Germany. The first time was to attend the World Travel Market fair at Berlin. I was there for 2 nights, and most of the time I was in the exhibition centre. So didn’t get to see much of Berlin. This time I had more time to stroll around in Hamburg and Bremen with L. And the weather was lovely, unlike the wet weather we are going to go through this weekend, grrr. We haven’t really planned anything for the trip to be honest, but turns out to quite a pleasant one. So we are very pleased with this trip, much better than the trip to Seville. And of course W’s German friend’s wedding at Syke was very pleasant as well. Cosy and almost everybody gets to know each other after the wedding. So different from the banquet we have back home in Malaysia where wedding couples quite often don’t know half the people who attended their wedding :)Anyway hope you like the photos.

RathausOriginally uploaded by arctanck

Another photo selected by Schmap

This is another of my photo that is included in the Schmap, but this time in their Vienna Edition (previously the Seville Edition). To their credit, they have certainly worked out a very good business model, and a win-win situation for photographers and themselves. On their wesbite, you can see that they do a very good job in acknowledging photos contributed to their travel guides by amateur photographers like me. This is important as photographers, I think mostly amateurs, will then be more receptive to the idea of not being paid for photographs used. (Well, we are not used to being paid in the first place anyway! :)) More importantly, every photo they used can be traced back to where the photos came from, e.g. in my case the Flickr site where I uploaded my photos. For amateur photographers, this creates more exposure to the photos they uploaded, which originally may well be intended to be shared with just friends and families, and brings their photos out from near anonymity.What they gain in doing this is not just the rights to using the photos. The more photos they have chosen from different people, the more people will know about their travel guide. Yes publicity, coming from ecstatic photographers. If these photographers have websites or blogs, like myself, even better, as they are likely to blog about this or create links back to their website, e.g. you can voluntarily put the following widget (source code provided by them) on the side of your website.Clever eh? I think it’s just a matter of time before they phase in the truly revenue generating advertisments onto their website. Will see.