Coffee grounds keep slugs and snails away?

Got two bags of coffee grounds for free from Starbucks to be used as organic fertiliser for my garden. But apparently they are also good for keeping slugs and snails away from plants, according to that branch of Starbucks. Brilliant, if that is true, as the bloody slugs in my garden have devoured quite a few of the Marigold plants we planted this Spring already. I have tried using beer to attract slugs into a trap with good effect a couple of weeks ago. But looks like the slugs are coming back with a vengeance once again. Really annoying. Weather has not been good already recently, has been raining for most part of the week, hence have not been able to keep a hawk eye on my plants. Looks like I’ll have to get some beers again, ho ho ho.An interesting observation when I cycled home recently. Saw quite a few snails crossing the cycle path after rain on a few occasions. Fair enough, snails prefer to crawl on wet surface. But makes me wonder why they bother to cross, to the opposite side which in my opinion is essentially the same. Furthermore, it’s a “long” way for them, and it’s dangerous! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Coffee grounds keep slugs and snails away?”

  1. After experimenting with the coffee grounds for a week now I think the coffee grounds are not very effective in keeping the slugs away from my plants. I’ve now stepped up my effort and put a thick layer of coffee grounds around my Marigold plants, which are barely surviving and are covered all over the place by slimy trails, to see if they still come and attack my plants!

  2. Thanks for the tip Mark. My Marigolds are still under attacked by the slugs after piling a lot of coffee grounds around the plants. So I think I can conclude my experiment that coffee grounds do not work! I was just thinking today whether or not to buy those anti slug pellets. But found out that they are poisonous and may harm birds if eaten. So looks like your advice comes in just at the right time!

  3. I dispise slugs! They are like clowns to me hehe. Escar-go! from gardens alive is not poisonous and works well to. I also heard that cayenne pepper or chili flakes deter slugs, dogs, cats and squirrels (they are in an abundance in my area) and is not harmful to birds if digested. The Beer just gets gross and is annoying to clean up. Good luck

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