Cold calling

When I was about to leave the office today this moron cold caller called to my office phone telling me that my house, which is on one of their selected post code, is going to feature on their programme of some sort. Knowing that this is most likely a cold call, I hated myself for not keeping a copy of this anti-telemarketing counter script handy with me. Well, without the script, I had to make do with the material I’ve got in my head and try to keep her on the phone for as long as possible 🙂 She kept asking me if I’m the homeowner, presumably that is the first question on her script, even after I interrupted her a few times. Then I asked her what’s my post code, since she said that my house was chosen based on the post code. At the time, it was rather amusing to hear that she didn’t even manage to get my post code right. But come to think about it, she obviously called based on my office address rather than my home address. Anyway it was all too late as soon as I insisted that my post code is not what she claimed as she ended the call almost immediately 🙂 Not a wise move. Hopefully there’ll be more fun next time then.

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