Colief DOES seem to work?

It’s been a while I last update my blog here. Probably the longest I’ve gone missing without a post. During these times my baby was born, that’s all 🙂 But one difficult baby she is. She seems to be suffering from colic. Can’t sleep for long often, waking up almost every hour sometimes, provided that she sleeps in the first place, and requires a lot of soothing before you can fall asleep. No, we don’t believe it’s a sleeping problem.Tried a lot of things. Electric bouncer we borrowed from a friend, which is brought over from Malaysia. Colic drops like Infacol, Dentinox, and Gripe water. Not sure if the wind built up in her tummy is the cause for the colic. But she does often seem to have a lot of wind. We try our best to her burp. Sometimes we massage her tummy, and then lift her legs to help release wind from her tummy. We use ointments which my mother-in-law brought over from Malaysia to rub on her tummy as well. But nothing seems to be quite effective.Colief is another remedy that is known to relief colic. But at £10.99 for only 7ml of solution, it is not something we want to try in a hurry. We did run out of options eventually and bought this Colief, rather reluctantly. A lot of people who have used it think it is effective. Indeed it does seem to improve things initially. But I’m not so sure now after a few days. Perhaps I have been expecting more from this Colief, which can work out to be more expensive than a bottle of Dom Perignon! Maybe without Colief my daughter is going suffer even more.So now we are using Colief. It does not take very long before this bottle runs out, as we need to add four drops of Colief to each of her feed. And she is fed 8 times a day. When can we stop using Colief? As it is really expensive to keep feeding her that. When I told my friends in Malaysia that such a small bottle costs so much, they were in disbelief. Let’s just hope that her condition subsides quickly.

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