Customer facing work

It’s nice to be able to do some customer-facing work. Especially when something you sell has direct impact to the customer. I’ve been working on technical stuff all my working life. The things my company sell are mainly technologies, software etc. Not only that most of the time we don’t sell to end-users, we are merely selling them for the company we work for. I get such different feelings when I’m selling something for my own business. I almost feel like I’m always putting in 110%! What’s more, holiday is always an enjoyable thing to do, particularly honeymoon. So I get to deal with people in good mood from the start, thinking of going on holiday, and I get to feel doubly appreciated when the holiday turns out to be a great one.To be honest, I haven’t really thought much about this when we ventured into this travel business. And I haven’t realised that Malaysia is such a wonderful country, as most of the time we only think about visiting outside Malaysia, somewhere glamourous, European cities for example. And that I will fall in love with nature, and start to appreciate what’s around even more. Thanks to my brother and cousin-in-law, who introduce me to this business, it transpires that this business is more interesting than I initially imagined!

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