Easter holiday

Woohoo, it’s Easter long weekend. It’s been difficult to concentrate at work today. Longing to go home. And I’ve just received my first colour laser printer. Hell it’s heavy, 17.0kg including the packaging. Yet to test it out, but I’m full of hope (please don’t disappoint me!). Weather over the next few days is not looking good according to the BBC weather forecast. Was hoping to do some gardening, now that Spring is fast approaching. The Daffodils I planted last winter are blossoming! But my little garden does need some much needed make-over after months of inactivities from us. You know, Winter is very cold, and not many things grow 🙂 Was also thinking of buying some mealworms, to hopefully tame the Robin that visits our window bird feeder everyday.

Blue Tit

Caught this Blue Tit on camera busy eating sunflower hearts on our window bird feeder last week. The yellow lump on the far side is the Daffodils flower :)BTW, have a fabulous Easter weekend everyone!

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