English music

Listening to the compilations of songs on my mobile phone suddenly reminds me of how I first started listening to English songs when I was in Malaysia. At the time I think there was only one English radio channel. Most of the time they either broadcast news or advertise. Songs were few and far between. I remember trying to record songs when they have the weekly top 40, on cassettes, yes cassettes. It was a mess, and the quality was poor. Can’t believe I actually bother to do that at that time. But I have to admit that I prefer listening to western music than chinese music. They were love songs all the time, until only recently few years ago.I could buy music cassettes from music store, but they were not easy to get to, and I couldn’t afford to buy cassettes at that age. I remember that I was still buying cassettes when I was studying college. Music CDs were still very expensive for me. So I was surprised to see British teenagers so willing to fork out so much on CDs when I first came here. Just different culture I guess. Maybe I should start listening to more music again, now that it’s so easy to get our hands on music from all over the world.

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