Father Christmas

It’s never been a problem for me, grown up in a muslim country, lived in a house without a chimney, with a rather traditional Chinese upbringing, to know that father Christmas does not exist. In fact, I don’t think I believe his existence in the first place anyway when I was a kid. I remember very well once I suggested to my neighbourhood friend, infront of his mum, that maybe the present he found in his room was placed there by his parents rather than Santa Claus. The disapproval look from his mum is still vivid in my memory. I have to admit that I wasn’t very tactful at all, wasn’t I? Oh well, I was less than 10 years old, and I was curious as well, even though I was convinced that the fat guy could have not the slightest chance of squeezing through the Jalousie window that was common in Malaysia’s houses back then to deliver the Christmas gifts! I suppose his mum must have put a lot of effort in convincing her three kids the existence of Santa Clause, and very successfully so, as they were all full of excitement when Santa was mentioned, as well as the wishes that came true, the presents etc. For a period of time, I even contemplated giving it a go and hang a sock in my bedroom so that maybe my wishes will come true as well. Such were their excitement and influence.No wonder the practice of giving young children a surprise with Christmas presents remains very popular among parents. But what amuses me a lot from what I heard is the headache parents have when they are asked about Santa’s existence, and their answers to something they themselves don’t believe in. It can be quite an awkward situation, luckily it’s not something I will likely be put up with.

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