Filing annual return

Annual return actually needs to be filed no later than 28 days from date of incorporation, rather than 28 days from a company’s financial end which we thought it would be. In fact to be precise, according to the Companies House website, annual return needs to be “delivered to Companies House within 28 days after the anniversary of incorporation or the anniversary of the made-up date of the last annual return”, where the made-up date is:”the date at which all the information in an annual return must be correct. The made-up date is usually the anniversary of:* the incorporation of the company; or* the made-up date of the previous annual return registered at Companies House.”To be honest, it’s not obvious when the previous annual return is registered at the Companies House. It’s probably best to just stick to the anniversary date of incorporation to avoid confusion. Anyway we probably shouldn’t be too worried as Companies House do send an annual return reminder every year. But of course that’s provided that the letter didn’t somehow get lost. Hmmm….back to remembering the data of incorporation.

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