Free Internet access at Costa Coffee

I’m supposed to watch some ads on my web browser before I’m allowed to get free Internet access at Costa Coffee. However my PC and web browser settings are so hostile to ads that nothing shows up, yet here I am using their service. Looks like this type of business model is not very effective when they have users/customers like us 🙂 Advertisers when know about this will probably not be too happy about the money they have paid. I think it is likely that service provider, Anacapa in my case, will count my access into their statistics regardless of whether I’ve been properly served ads, not to mention that I can open a new tab and start browsing straight away without watching the ads. I mean if the Hotspot provider is already providing free service anyway then there’s really nothing to lose for them. In fact they will get a cut of the advertising revenue, which is good for their otherwise free service. How effective it is for advertisers to advertise in this manner I’m sceptical.Anyway to think about it this model definitely works very well for people with a Wi-Fi capabled device, allowing them to get free high speed access at public areas. I’ve been longing for the iPhone to massively drop down in price, as it is indeed a very sleek phone, equipped with Wi-Fi interface. However the iPhone’s touch screen is not great for typing, unfortunately. If only they have a Blackberry keypad 🙂

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