Global financial crisis

I have never been more interested in the financial state of the world than in the past few weeks. These are worrying times, the stock market is in free fall and nobody has any trust in banks anymore. 1 year ago, a bank collapsing would be rather unthinkable, but nothing surprises anyone anymore.I am actually not overly concerned with the state of economy save for the fact that I am unable to change job due to recruitment freeze by many companies. Other than being bored in the office because nothing much is happening, my life has been pretty much unaffected. However, I have been saying that I’ll probably be made redundant sooner or later with the rate it is going, or rather NOT going. Nevertheless, it is not necessary a bad thing. Perhaps I would then have every good reason to do whatever I want to do. Yes, no doubt finance would be stretch but after all, money does not exist. I am starting to buy into this idea that money is all about confidence, without it, it is worthless. Recent events have shown us that this is more true than ever.My sympathy to those who have lost their jobs. But hopefully we’ll see light at the end of the tunnel.

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