Going green, is it worth it?

I am reading the New Scientist magazine and there are yet several more articles on climate change. One of the article raised the question that most of us would probably have considered at one point. Does it make a difference whether I walk or drive? Or if I leave my tv and computers on standby rather than unplugging the power? Or if I just “forgot” to recycle? The conclusion, as you might guess, is: of course it does!It may not be significant if one person does it, but if everyone else does, then it would make an enormous contribution towards reducing our carbon footprint. Of course the obstacle is to persuade everyone to change their habits. If only everyone can do their bit and help, then this would probably be the most significant contribution you can make to the society and the future generations.

One thought on “Going green, is it worth it?”

  1. Hi WL, I agree with you, each and everyone of us can make a difference. It is the power of mass-change, if each person can save several Watts of power a day, imagine what say, 4billion of population (I am assuming ~60% of world population have access to electricity) can save over a week? Personally, I am big on this matter – I always ensure the office lights are turned off before I leave the building, I set my hotel room A/C a few Celcius higher than necessary, I take the stairs instead of using the lift (imagine the health benefit), print on both sides of the A4 paper, use the LRT whenever possible, walk instead of drive, wind down my car windows at nights instead of use A/C, etc. LSM

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