Hair cut

Ha, W gave me a hair cut yesterday. Definitely not perfect, far from it, but it is actually respectable! First time round, last week, it took her 2 hours just to get a tiny bit of hair off the back of my head. This time it was about the same time frame, got a lot more cut, and most of all she seemed to have got the technique right. Well close. However the hair on my sides ended up non-symmetrical though. Rather amusing to look at, initially, when I let my hair down 🙂 But it’s okay if I comb my hair back. At least my colleagues have not noticed the flawed hair cut.So W finally got to cut my hair, which she has been yearning for some time, claiming that she has artistic talent and that she knows how to do it, but looks like there are still some work to be done. For example my current hair to begin with 🙂

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