Home sick

After a week of rather intense skiing, I’m glad that I’m back home again. Just feel very tired after all the travelling and skiing. In fact we went into a deep coma of more than 12 hours yersterday! Every now and then during our trip, I was worried my flat might be broken into, missed the Robin bird that comes visit our flat for food (just found out that the Robin has found himself a partner already, hurray!), wanted to find out if our fish are doing okay, and we even missed our soft-toy dogs! 🙂 Think I start to understand why my mum misses her home so much after just a couple of days away from home. Particularly when you have living things in your house. As our friend has commented before, keeping pet fish is one of the most involving hobbies. In a way, unlike cats or dogs, you can’t really send the whole tank of fish to your friend’s house when you are away. If you are away for more than a few weeks, you will need somebody to come change the water in the tank. Because of this tank of fish, we have asked our friend to come house-sit before! Anyway I’m quite glad we have a place we can call home.Last but not the least, Happy New Year to everyone!

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