HSBC Business Direct

Damn HSBC. They just wouldn’t tell you when they have introduced better products! These banks are so good at profiting from people who are not financial savvy. I think HSBC realise that their Business Current Account is not attractive to new start-ups anymore so they started introducing this Business Direct Account which is without monthly maintenance fee to start competing with other banks. But they don’t make an effort to tell existing customers that they have this new type of business account which might benefit them. Talk about giving free professional advices, this and that, just cheap marketing gimmicks. Don’t be fooled into thinking that they will really act in existing customers’ best interests. Once again, very disappointed with HSBC.

2 thoughts on “HSBC Business Direct”

  1. When did HSBC introduce this new account? I’m equally annoyed that I’ve been charged for paying in cheques, direct debits etc, while earning pityful amounts of interest on my business account. The interest I used to earn more than cancelled out the charges in the past, but it doesn’t any more. So I’ve just switched to the Business Direct Account. But it was me who had to find out about it first. Bloody HSBC!!!

  2. I don’t know when they introduced this new account. I first saw an advertisement on this new account in a train of London Underground back in October 2008 if I remember correctly. But I totally forgot about it until one month later!

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