It’s not over until the fat lady sings

Why the fat lady? My colleague who used this expression heard it many times before, but never really work out the origin of this expression. Determined to find out why the fat lady has a part to play, we couldn’t help but to put our work discussion aside and brought on the Internet to the wallsize projector screen in the meeting room to search for an answer. Here’s one the more relevant answers.On why a fat lady is often involved in bringing down the curtain of a show or opera is anyone’s guess. Maybe big women are just better in doing such soprano. But it became rather amusing when my colleague also told me that TFI Friday used to end their show with a fat lady singing, which is one of the reasons why he remember the expresion so well. So it could well be that some shows nowadays are putting on fat lady at the end just for the sake of this expression 🙂

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