Jaya Grocer opening in Ipoh Parade

Jaya Grocer
Found out that Jaya Grocer is opening a shop in Ipoh Parade. Hurrah! Delighted because there are food products that we like but cannot be found in AEON or Tesco in Ipoh. There used to be a Cold Storage where Jaya Grocer is going to be, in the old wing, basement of Ipoh Parade. But it has packed up many years ago. Think Giant has tried their luck there too to no avail. Presumably because Ipoh Parade is not convenient for shoppers like housewives, to get there in the first place, or to unload their shopping. And parking is relatively expensive nowadays at Ipoh Parade, compared to old times. Competition is getting more fierce, from new AEON and Tesco outlets, offering free to cheaper parking.

Nevertheless I hope Jaya Grocer can survive, so we don’t have to buy some of our food products, mainly imported, only when we are in KL or Penang 🙂 This cause is worth supporting LOL.


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