Colleagues are surprised to see me turning up at work earlier than them these few days. I feel good in the morning as well, and have no difficulty waking up. Maybe I really should make this a habit, to sleep early and wake up early. I don’t think this is the first time I’ve told myself this. It always ended up that I couldn’t wake up early, or more precisely, couldn’t get out of my bed. Whether it’s warmer in bed, not enough hours clocked, or whatever reasons, I just have the tendency to stay in bed until I absolutely need to wake up.SleepyAt the moment the jet-lagged I’m still “suffering” from the trip back to Malaysia is serving me good. In such a way that, without requiring much effort, it is already agonisingly difficult for me to open my eyes at around 10pm. Hope that I can get into this sleep cycle routine this time, for good.

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