These days Robin is not coming over for mealworms as frequently as before, when he has his children to feed. It’s likely that he’s not short of food now that it is summer (I think) with plenty of insects around.Talking about insects, we recently bought three berries plants, Holly, Raspberry and Blackcurrant, to help boost our garden as a “prime” destination for birds to come visit for food. In fact we have also put up an open fronted nestbox to tempt robins to come nest in our backyard. Anyway, holes are appearing on the leaves of the Blackcurrant tree. After some searching on the Internet I gather that it is aphid that is doing the damage. Remembering from watching Springwatch that ladybird can help control this pest, think I’m going to add a ladybird log tower to my backyard as well. It is indeed fascinating to know that I can grow my own ladybird. Or you can even buy adult ladybirds to put into the log tower! 25 for the price �20, anyone 🙂 And they are not guaranteed to live in the shelter you provide!

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