Let it snow, let it snow

This is definitely the heaviest snowfall I’ve seen in the UK, in almost 10 years I’ve been here! We have experienced one of the warmest month in January not that long ago. And today we have heavy snowfall all around the UK. Isn’t it interesting how global warming is affecting the weather pattern?

Snow Reading
This was taken using my new camera phone outside my flat before I head off work at around 08:45. Very pleased with the Sony Ericsson K800i phone so far, very handy.
Snow River Kennet
This is River Kennet, when I was on my way to work, where I also scared off a heron 🙂
Cycle path
This is a stretch of the cycle path that was still pretty untouched with snow. Really quite an experience cycling through fresh thick snows.

2 thoughts on “Let it snow, let it snow”

  1. I am pretty sure you are spared from the 8F to20F and minus #@ windchill we’ve been experiencing last 2 weeks. One day the highest temp of the day was 2F. Lovely huh?At least one can ice skate on the small lakes and ponds safely…

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