Lucy: Teen transsexual

This has got to be one of the most disturbing programme I’ve ever watched. Narrow-minded or what, it is still incredibly difficult for me to watch male undergoing surgical operation to get breast implants, have their penis removed and, most of all, get a vagina! This is all too much, way way too much for me, possibly because I’m always very scared of surgical operation. I have to say that I’m incredibly proud of his mum, for being so composed, supportive and loving.I can imagine that it must be daunting to go through such an operation. The fact that it didn’t put him off shows how badly he wants to become a girl. I’ve been told by people of various religions that these gay people are viewed as having some kind of sickness, and the right thing for them to do is to receive therapy. But I always have doubts in my mind about treating them as sicked. The way I see is we should accept ourselves for what we are born with, whether we are ugly looking, disabled or poor. We can be happy regardless of these kind of conditions. However for people who are born to identify themselves as the opposite gender, happiness just seems that bit less straightforward to attain. You see, they are comfortable being the opposite gender, and so are happy being the opposite gender. Yet religions have us believe that it is wrong for them to act that way. And people generally feels weird to see people of the same sex getting too friendly.Now that there are options for people to “correct” their physicals, is it then the right thing to do, should they feel uncomfortable with their existing package? Whatever their decision, I’m just glad that I don’t have the same baggage as they have. And I sincerely hope that Lucy is now finally happy, and people can accept who “she” really is, despite what some people think of her as not a “real” woman.

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  1. i also found this programe hard to watch but i have to take my hat off to lucy and her family for supporting each other. its nice to see a family so strong.

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