Malaysian food in Reading

Roti canai making

We have Malaysian food back in Reading once again, yay! There used to be a Malaysia Cafe located at the exact same place, but has closed shop some months ago. I guess the demand for Malaysian food is not great in Reading, taking into account its less than prime location too. In terms of orders from events/functions or lunch time catering, I have a feeling that the Brits would probably rather stick to sandwiches. So tough business if I’m being honest. But I sincerely hope this ex hotel chef, who is from my home state Perak in Malaysia, can thrive in the business, as that means that we can continue to enjoy his beautiful Malaysian food. Have a look at the photo, that is fresh roti canai, the real deal 😉

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  1. I sure hope the take away is still there. I’ve been going to the Dosa in Reading for roti canai since starting on a project here, but would love some Malay food. Not keen on driving to London.Checking it out tonight.

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